Week 16

I remember week 16 seeming so far away, and now that it’s half-way over, I’m realizing my pregnancy is almost half way over! Eeek, I have a lot to do!

How Big is the Baby?


Baby Spinach is the size of a turnip. I’ve been feeling the little leaf move nearly every day since 13 weeks – just little flutters here and there, mostly after I eat lunch or dinner. But I wont be able to feel distinct kicks until (s)he gets to be a bit bigger.


How I’m Changing

 If you didn’t see Wednesdays baby bump to baby bloat pictures, here they are:

 morning bump
afternoon bump

I was getting frustrated because throughout the day I was bloating and whatever I put on in the morning had to accommodate a major shift in the size of my belly by mid-afternoon. After asking for suggestions to reduce bloat, Julie mentioned that she thought it might just be the stomach muscles relaxing throughout the day. This makes total sense because progesterone is already relaxing other muscles in my body, and I don’t actually feel bloated, I just look bloated. So my bump is still pretty minimal, but grows as the day goes on.

In related news, when I heard it was going to be 80 degrees today I knew I needed to break out the summer clothes, only to discover none of my shorts fit. Not that it was any surprise. I do have one pair from the summer after grad school that will work, but I decided a trip to Old Navy was necessary. I purchased one pair with a thick stretchy waist and am wondering why all shorts aren’t made this way. They are so freaking comfortable.

How I’m Feeling


I am feeling MUCH better than last week. That second trimester energy jolt finally kicked in. During my first trimester I had been very sick, and my midwife prescribed Zofran to kick the nausea to the curb. After my prescription ran out I really didn’t want to ask for a refill, but every night I was still getting waves of nausea, and I started vomiting after dinner a few nights a week. This week I pinpointed it down to my prenatal vitamin. Within 10 minutes of taking it I was sick. So I called the triage nurse at my midwife’s office and discussed the issue, and she suggested I take 2 Flinstone’s vitamins in place of the pre-natal. That did the trick! I’m now nausea free. #knockonwood.


What I’m Eating


Pretty much the same as last week, although salads have been making their presence known again, hallelujah! I’m still enjoying Jazz apples, and am very excited that summer is just around the corner and with it comes an abundance of fresh produce that is in season. I can’t wait for watermelon! I’ve also noticed I am getting better at my protein intake throughout the week, but majorly slack on the weekends. So my goal for next weekend is to log my meals in myfitnesspal, like I do throughout the week to make sure I hit my 75 grams.


Odds and Ends


I announced my pregnancy at work this week at our bi-weekly staff meeting. I didn’t intend to wait this long, however, we haven’t had a staff meeting since before I hit 12 weeks due to conference week, Spring Break, and returning to our normal bi-weekly schedule once returning from the week off. So I was getting really anxious, as scarf weather has left us and I was running out of ways to hide the bump!

I also told my students I was expecting a baby next school year. I planned to do something creative and fun like Julie did, but then a wave of nausea hit me and my plans vanished. So instead, I called a class meeting and let them guess why I was calling it. I got lots of funny guesses until one girl guessed correctly. Then they all broke into applause! It was adorable.

Cute comments include:

  • “Can we throw you a baby shower?”
  • After asking how long I’ve been pregnant, “You’ve been hiding this from us for 16 weeks!! How rude!”
  •  “Is your belly beginning to bulge?”
  •  “I’m so excited you have a baby in your belly. I hope he grows up to be better behaved than I am.”

Later that week one of my kiddos wrote me this lovely note:

How precious is that? I may have choked up a bit.

Things I can’t wait to eat again:  Not eat, but it is the first warm weekend of the year and my husband has been enjoying a beer while doing yardwork. I’d really like to join him. In the beer, not the yardwork.

# of times I get up to pee each night:  This has not decreased. Instead it has gone up to 4-5. Everyone told me it would decrease 2nd trimester and then increase again in 3rd. This has not been the case!

Days until my next appointment: 4. I’m also looking into going to the chiropractor once a month, as my back is killing me due to an old cheerleading accident that has been exasserbated by pregnancy. This will only get worse as the belly grows.

Total weight gained: 4 pounds

Cravings: This changes daily. I’ve always had a major sweet tooth, so it doesn’t surprise me that I am craving fruit. But I am also really enjoying chocolate, something I didn’t enjoy too much before getting pregnant. And Friday night I absolutely had to have a baked potato for dinner. And not just any baked potato, I needed a loaded one with butter, bacon, chives, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. It was delicious.

Aversions: None really, my first trimester aversions have disappeared.

What I miss: getting off the couch with grace.

What is your favorite apple?