Be Kind, Don’t Bloat [WIAW]

Today two fun packages arrived. One from my foodie pen pal Talia, and one from Amazon. The hubs fell in love with Kind bars recently, and ordered four boxes. I’ve never had one before – which one should I try first?

You’ll have to wait until April 30th to find out the contents of the foodie pen pal box, although one of the items will be eaten for dessert tonight 🙂

And for the rest of my daily meals, here is this week’s What I ate Wednesday – sneaking in more veggies…kind of.

1st breakfast – unpictured protein shake

2nd breakfast

old fashioned oats mixed with fresh blueberries, cinnamon, organic agave and vanilla almond milk.

lunch – unpictured Trader Joe’s bean and rice burrito with reduced fat sour cream and half a bell pepper for a little crisp factor.


cookie dough balance bar and a Jazz apple (my current fav!)

**interlude for an IT Band & pre-natal massage** heaven!


A revamped incredibly easy cheeseburger pie (recipe soon) and a Hugh Jass salad with romaine, bell pepper, tomatoes, avocado, dried bing cherries and pasteurized goat cheese. The dressing was a mix of olive oil, the hubs herbs from our garden infused vinegar, sea salt, pepper and agave.

And for dessert I’ll be enjoying something out of my box, I just have to decide what.

Oh, and remember how I’ve been complaining about mentioned that I’ve not had much of a baby bump in the mornings but by mid-afternoon my bump is out in full force? I took some photographic evidence yesterday.

This is before work:

And this is after work:

That is some serious bloat action. Help a girl out, what do you eat to reduce bloating? I’m drinking as much water as my bladder will allow and eat my recommended fruits and veggies…blah!