15 weeks

In the spirit of sharing, I’ve borrowed from multiple pregnant, or recently pregnant, bloggers and compiled a few bullet points for my weekly updates.

How Big is the Baby?

 This is going to be a tough question to answer each week, as each source says something different. One says apple, another says avocado and another says heirloom tomato (odd size – there are many varieties of heirloom tomatoes). I went with avocado, as last week baby spinach was the size of a peach, and I believe that is larger than an apple.

How I’m Changing

I’m still barely noticing a bump in the morning, but as the day goes on it grows and grows as I bloat. I am really ready for this bloat to disappear and to have a baby bump full time.

In terms of clothing, I can’t wear any of my work pants and can only wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with a rubber band or belly band (which I find rather uncomfortable). When I was in grad school I gained about 15 pounds, so when I lost it I decided to keep all my high-size clothes for when I was pregnant. Unfortunately, they don’t fit either! They are way too baggy in the legs/butt and high enough waist that they aren’t comfortable to wear. So much for forward planning!

So I’m wearing a lot of my pre-pregnancy empire waist dresses, maternity jeans (I purchased two pairs: one Gap and one major splurge with a coupon though!), one pair of maternity pants (Old Navy) and some maternity leggings (because they are much more comfortable than my regular leggings).

How I’m Feeling

This is a day-by-day/hour-by-hour answer. 
First trimester really kicked my butt. I was pretty miserable and nauseous all the time. I longed for second trimester, but when it arrived the nausea didn’t subside. I may need to discuss a second refill of my nausea medication with my midwife. I stopped taking it at week 13 because I was running late one morning and taking my pill slipped my mind, and it was the last day before spring break, so I was rushing around at work so I skipped my noon pill too. I had an appointment that evening and realized I hadn’t taken my pills and I felt great! But the feeling didn’t last long, unfortunately, and now I am back to my nighttime “morning sickness.” I’m just like Phoebe.


What I’m Eating

I’m struggling to get my recommended 75 grams of protein and 60 ounces of water a day. Generally I have a protein shake before work (17g), oatmeal for breakfast (6g), an apple (0g) or Greek yogurt (13g) for a snack if my oatmeal doesn’t hold me, salad + leftovers for lunch, protein bar (15g) or Greek yogurt (13g) for a snack and then whatever I’m in the mood for or not sick enough to eat for dinner.


The water thing is the biggest issue. If I drink the recommended amount throughout the day I am constantly peeking out into the hallway hoping another teacher or staff member is walking by so I can pee! This is the same reason I cut soup out for lunch. Sigh. Then when I make up my water intake after work I find myself getting up multiple times a night to pee. What’s a girl to do?

Odds and Ends

My parents purchased a very generous and thoughtful gift for us over spring break!

BOB Revolution SE Stroller

Rikka isn’t too sure about it.

But I really like it 🙂

Things I can’t wait to eat again: Sushi, deli meat (it just makes lunch packing so much easier) and soup for lunch!

# of times I get up to pee each night: 2-3

Days until my next appointment: 12, although I have a massage in 3 that I am looking forward to very much.

Total weight gained: I stopped weighing last year, but started up again the morning after I found out I was pregnant. It read about 5 pounds above where I normally am, but I also found out right after Christmas and Thanksgiving…aka the eating holidays. So going from that weight, I am up 3.5 pounds.

Cravings: none really, but I am really enjoying Jazz apples

Aversions: meat, but only at night when my “morning sickness” hits

What I miss: sleeping a solid 8 hours, cold beer on a Friday evening.

9 thoughts on “15 weeks

    • I spoke with a bunch of my momma friends about their strollers. We decided on the BOB Revolution SE (http://www.rei.com/product/798579/bob-revolution-se-stroller#.T3OxUD39jhM.email) because it wasn’t too heavy/folds and unfolds very easily, can double as a jogging stroller (and you can adjust the front wheel to compensate for uphill jogging, as well as have it fixed or swivel). It also has great re-sale value. I looked around for a used one, but the best price I could find was $280, and with the REI discount (through today – 20% off), plus our REI dividend we were able to get it at almost that price. I asked my parents to pick it up for us when they were in Oregon because it would be tax free, I was not expecting them to gift it to us!
      Oh, and the roads we are on are terrible and the park we walk around doesn’t have a sidewalk, so this stroller is perfect for the terrain, I think it would be great for yours too!

  1. Due in 3 days myself and I have to say it doesn’t get much better w/ the getting up to go to the bathroom. Doesn’t seem to matter when the liquid goes in, night time sleep is always broken. I just keep telling myself that it’s practice/conditioning for the nighttime feedings that are soon to be here! Exciting though!

  2. Even though we aren’t planning on having kids for awhile, I just love love love reading about pregnant womens journeys 🙂

    You look awesome, I hope you can consistently feel good soon too! Are you finding out what you are having?

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