Let’s go to Walla Walla

I love wine. Like, really love wine.


When I was 22 I worked in the tasting room at Arbor Crest Winery, a.k.a. BEST.JOB.EVER. My customers were always in a good mood, (how can you be cranky while tasting wine?), I received an amazing discount (50% off!), and if a tasting bottle was open for 3 days I could take home the remainder of the bottle at closing. I was able to enjoy delicious high quality wines on my minimum-wage-Carlo-Rossi budget. Life was grand.


As summer turned to fall and hours dwindled, I decided I needed to use my degree and “get a real job.” But my love for wine remained and later grew into lots of wine tasting adventures. Soon I was a member to many wineries and receive shipments of liquid fabulousness in November and April.


My in-laws are about to enjoy a lovely weekend in Walla Walla and asked for winery suggestions. Although I can’t enjoy a glass for another 6 months, I can give them a list of my favorites to enjoy for me.

L’Ecole N. 41

This is the first winery the hubs and I decided to become members of. I used to babysit their kids way back in the day, too! The winery is located in the historic (and gorgeous!) Frenchtown School. Read more about the location and their story here. I’m very sad about the change in label, even though I understand their reasoning.

Original Label

Woodward Canyon


It is next door to L’Ecole, but blink and you’ll miss it! And don’t bring your debit card or you’ll end up purchasing a $120 magnum that you need to put away for 15-20 years. Or do, you won’t be too upset with yourself later.

Sleight of Hand Cellars

The artwork on the bottles is gorgeous, and we actually have one of them framed in our dining room.

Sweet Valley Wines


We’re members here too, it is a small family run winery (like most Walla Walla wineries), and it started when the winemaker was in high school. He told his dad he wanted to start a winery (he is only 22 now) and the rest is history. I wish I had thought to start a winery in high school!

Tru Cellars

Washington Wine Weekend Trip - 2010

Ultra Sparkly Wine is their specialty.

What is your favorite Walla Walla wine?

4 thoughts on “Let’s go to Walla Walla

  1. *crying* I miss wine….. That is about all I have to say about that. I’m thinking of making it mandatory that if you want to come see the baby- you must bring wine or champagne to help the new mama celebrate—- my mom DID NOT think my joke was funny. Oops!

  2. Is Tru still open? I vaguely remember it being closed when I left W2. Sadness. Rotie Cellars is a good one! It is the one that was upstairs and right in downtown…across the street from Tru. Woodward Canyon and L’Ecole are def 2 of my faves though! Also, please send them to The Olive for a pulled pork sandwich! Richard and I talk about them on a semi-regular basis and we are counting down the days until we can plan a trip back to the northwest!

    • Hmmm, I thought it was still open – their website is still running. They already are back in town, but I know I’ll be hitting The Olive next time we’re in W2 🙂 I was trying to remember Rotie’s name. And the first one we went to with the amazing truffle cheese…although I may have liked the cheese more than the wine…lol

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