Fashion Friday: The Bump

Yesterday I officially hit  14 weeks, and my bump decided to come out of hiding. It has been playing a game where my stomach is flat, albeit with my normal lower pooch, until noon and then after lunch it is out in full force. No matter how well I eat, and how much water I drink, the bloating makes me look like I am further along than I really am. I’m one of the last of my friends to get pregnant, so I’ve been told about all sorts of not-so-fun side-effects, but nobody warned me about the bloating!

Aside from the 4-week-just-found-out shot, I didn’t start weekly pictures until I noticed a (barely there, but still making its presence known) bump at 10 weeks. I searched through my photo library to find a before side shot, and the best I came up with is this cherry picking shot from this past summer:

and this downward shot of the belly before:

And here is what we’ve got going on week 4:

Baby Spinach was the size of a poppy seed, which I didn’t have – but I did have chia seeds, which are roughly the same size.

10 weeks 2 days:

Baby Spinach was the size of a kumquat.

11 weeks 3 days:

Baby Spinach was the size of a lime.

12 weeks 2 days:

Baby Spinach was the size of a lemon, but I forgot to grab one at the store.

13 weeks 2 days

Baby Spinach was the size of a peach, but they aren’t in season.

14 weeks 1 day

Baby Spinach is the size of an orange, but I forgot to pick one up at the store. Also, all I want to wear is yoga pants…so much for fashion.

So there you have it, Bump Watch 2012 is on – be expecting a picture update once a week (most likely on the weekends).

Help fill my rapidly expanding google reader:

Who are your favorite expecting bloggers?

Mine are:

Julie, Kath, Caitlin, Kara and I would say Sarah, but she just had her baby girl last night!

12 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Bump

  1. You look adorable! I need to get ontop of my pregnancy posts- I’m over half way there now and can’t believe it! As slow as it goes, it goes fast. Weird, but true. ……..I follow Kath over at babykerf pretty close because she is just one week behind me but I need to update my google reader now too! Thanks for all of your links that I can check out!

  2. Love the belly! Pregnancy is absolutely beautiful…The hubster and I were just talking about it last night after watching New Year’s Eve.

    I don’t really have a fav pregnant blogger but I do read Kath and she’s pretty awesome!

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