March Foodie Pen Pals

This is my third month participating in foodie pen pals and I LOVE it! Lindsay paired me to send a box of goodies off to Sarah and Taryn at Sweetly Serendipity (love her blog name!) was paired up to send me something yummy.

The Lean Green Bean

After browsing Taryn’s blog I knew I needed to enjoy one of her home-baked treats. Everything on her blog looks delicious! She happily obliged to bake me up something wonderful and sent me a great box of eats.

Taryn lives in Boston and sent me edible Boston, a fun foodie magazine. I’ve never been to Boston (although I’ve always wanted to), so now I know where to eat when I finally head east.

Also included was an amazing cookie Taryn whipped up.

It was ridiculously large. Emphasis on the was…it was consumed immediately after taking these pictures.

I quickly emailed Taryn to thank her for the treats and begged for the recipe. Ask and you shall receive, the giant chocolate chip cookie recipe is on her blog here.

In addition to the giant cookie, Taryn sent some fun new (to me) bars,

locally roasted almonds (which will be road trip food this weekend)

and local dark chocolate. Mmmmm, I love dark chocolate.

Thanks again for everything Taryn, and thanks to Lindsey for your organizational powers.

If you are interested in participating Foodie Penpals for April please  CLICK HERE to fill out the participation form and read the terms and conditions by the 4th of April. On the 5th she’ll send you your match.

Have you been to Boston? If so, what is your favorite Boston inspired meal or treat?


10 thoughts on “March Foodie Pen Pals

  1. What a great package! I thought edibleAustin was the only such magazine around…but obviously that is not the case. (This must be some sort of localized, yet national food magazine ring.)

    What makes a Larabar an UBER Larabar? I need to now make uber Sara(h)bars…but I’ll call them….SUBER (yes, I meant to keep the B).

  2. That’s so thoughtful when they send you something local from their neighborhood-especially dark chocolate! The foodie mag was also a nice touch.

  3. That cookie looks divine. I think I need to make those. Soon. 🙂 Also, I love how many people are putting local treats in their penpal packages…what a cool way to try new tastes and learn something about another place.

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