WIAW: in Portlandia, Vol. 2

As previously mentioned, I spent a long weekend in January  in the fabulous city of Portland. I was able to  visit my best friend, do a little damage at an outlet mall and visit my grandparents in less than 72 hours. I also enjoyed quite a few delectable meals. I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do, and I completely spaced uploading them when I returned home. But today I am guest posting about my top 11 must-do’s in Portland over at Lindsay Living, and thought it was the perfect time to actually talk about my most recent adventure.

I arrived Friday evening and enjoyed a Dick’s* local grass-fed organic** burger with Tillamook cheddar for only $8. Eight dollars! That is insane. McDonalds charges just about that much these days, I couldn’t believe the quality of the food at that price point. I also wolfed down some yam “not fries” with secret recipe homemade aioli. I couldn’t believe the yam fries were not fried, they were so crispy and delicious. Maybe they use that pinterest trick I’ve been meaning to try.


I forgot to take a picture, so here is one from their website. Also*get your mind outa the gutter.
**would you expect anything less in Portland?

The next day Jess had to work, so I walked over to Whole Foods and grabbed breakfast and lunch to munch on while I graded papers and tests. I really know how to live it up.

Salt bagel with cream cheese on 3/4 and Justin’s chocolate peanut butter on 1/4 

Tabbouleh, corn salad & barley with curry salad

Later that evening we hit Cassidy’s for a pre-movie dinner. It was too dim to take any pictures, but I enjoyed a flatbread, a grilled casar salad and a few glasses of their fabulous ginger ale (recreated here).

Sunday morning Jess and I met up with her parents at La Petite Provence Bakery and Bistro for breakfast before we headed south to Albany to visit my grandparents. The food was very filling, and the portions were so large we didn’t eat again until 4 p.m.!

Eggs Provencal – tomato sliced in half and topped with fresh pesto, two poached eggs and buffalo mozzarella. Holy yum, how did I forget to recreate this?

That night we attended a fabulous foodie party Salon 2.0 at Departure, where the chef invited the best local chefs to create an asian inspired feast. I was in heaven, sampling everything….twice. I also stole a picture from Byron Beck’s website. Thanks Bryron, I hope you don’t mind 🙂


My first experience with crispy pork belly – oh my God, how have I never had crispy pork belly before? It is insane.

Shaved brussel sprout (warm) salad and avocado rolls

Some sort of chocolate situation with caramel corn (that I thought was a walnut) and a shot glass of mango puree and almond tapioca.

Almond cake with apricot? I can’t remember.

The view from the deck at Departure – gorgeous!

The next day didn’t have anything fabulous food wise, just some Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit. After a quick trip to H&M I was back at the airport and en route to Spokane.

Oh Portland, I already miss you.

Have you tried crispy pork belly?


8 thoughts on “WIAW: in Portlandia, Vol. 2

  1. I miss Portland and the northwest! Looks like such a fun weekend! Richard loves pork belly, but I still haven’t tried it even if he orders it at nearly restaurant we visit…maybe I will give it a go now!

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