I’m a January quitter

I’m sure you’ve seen the Weigh in Wednesday tab at the top of my blog…the one that hasn’t been updated in, oh, months. Once I started What I ate Wednesday-ing and Pinterest Recreating, I let my normal Weigh in Wednesday posting slide. I could re-name that tab something else non-alliteration-filled, or I could stop joining linky parties. As much as it pains my fourth-grade teacher heart, I think I’m going to have to re-name Weigh in Wednesday if I want that series to become prevalant again.

And it needs to.


I gave up the scale a while back, and I’m glad I did. It took hold over my worth and self respect for too many years. Once stepping off the scale I discovered a love of running and finally felt enjoyment from exercising for the sake of exercising. Getting out and moving your body. Being one with nature. You know, all that good stuff. And the added bonus? The weight melted off and I found myself craving naturally sweetened and good for me foods.


But then I pushed too hard and too fast, as many newbie runners do, and I injured myself. I started to notice knee pain after long runs during half-marathon training, but I pushed the pain aside, took Epsom salt baths and downed magnesium pills, thinking I was just experiencing the same twinges of pain all new runners felt, and the pain would eventually subside.

yes, this is a recycled photo, and no, I still don’t know where I found it

I was wrong. So very wrong. Around mile 7 of my half-marathon I was hit with intense pain in my left knee. I was coming down a very steep hill, and had to do a shuffle/hobble the rest of the way down. I’m still not sure how I managed the rest of the half-marathon. But I did, and then I promptly called my doc to set up a physical therapy appointment. After six weeks I was only feeling worse.


This, coupled with some additional health issues, led to my doctor ordering me to cut way back on running. The pain in my left leg helped me listen, but, unfortunately, I didn’t replace the running with enough cardio to compensate.

I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

I’m starting January 2012 around the same place I started January 2011. I’ve gained back most of the weight I lost (at least I assume, I still don’t weigh myself), and my energy levels are really, really low. At first I blamed my lack of exercise on my new job and subsequent jam packed schedule. But the heart of the matter lied in the fact that I got lazy and fell into the path of least resistance. That path included a lot of treats.

So that is why I became a January quitter. A January quitter is pretty much the opposite of a January joiner. Instead of hitting the gym with full gusto every day, I quit. I’m over the 15/20 minute drive there, the 5/10 minute locker room shuffle, and 15/20 minute drive back. In that time my work out could be complete. So I quit.

And purchased an elliptical.

Horizon EX-59

With the hubs help (ok, lets be honest, he did everything), my 3rd bedroom went from a makeshift office/guest room to an exercise room. Since set up, I’ve bounced out of bed each morning and caught up on trashy reality t.v., courtesy of E! My alarm was very motivating.

My alarm to get off the elliptical and hit the shower is equally motivating.

I’m happy to be a quitter this month.

Do you belong to a gym? Or do you prefer to get your exercise outside or in the comfort of your own home?


9 thoughts on “I’m a January quitter

  1. YAY for the new at home gym! That is exciting! (bummer about the knee pain though, take care- the elliptical should help lots!) …..I have an elliptical at home and *have* to work out at home since the nearest gym of any sort is 40 miles away (one way!) I love being able to be the only one around and always control the TV! 🙂

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love everything about this post! As another person who has quit the scale because it used to run/ruin my life, I am excited for you and your new home gym! You go, chica!

    P.S. Thank you for the blog award! I will be following up…things have been, let’s say, hectic ’round these parts lately! But, seriously, thank you! 🙂

  3. Way to go! I’m so jealous. If I had room for equipment, I’d totally be saving my pennies for an elliptical.

    I belong to a gym now but find the January crush of people (and my god the SMELL!!!) to be less than motivating.

  4. I’ve gone through cycles where I’m either a gym goer or a home exerciser. Neither is better or worse. It’s just what works for you at that time in your life. It’s exciting being a quitter, isn’t it! I quit treadmill running this week (unless we eventually get some snow!) and am now an outside runner, only. I still have the gym for spin and swimming but making this one change has been great.

    Looking forward to hearing about your elliptical progress! 😀

  5. I love this post Leila! I do go to the gym 5 or 6 mornings a week but that’s been a habit of mine for almost 4 years. I am currently rethinking my approach to eating…which I love to do and I don’t want to buy new pants!

  6. You rock! I just can’t do morning exercise.

    I have kind of fallen of the exercise wagon for a bit. I was working out at home, but I have been slacking. I need to buck up and get a gym membership so I am more motivated to make use of it! I just wish I had a gym buddy close by. Makes working out so much easier. You’re only like an 8 hour drive away right? Totally doable. 😉

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