Get real [WIAW]

I love January – every other week has a 3-day weekend. This coming weekend promises three mornings of uninterrupted sleep. And I need it, as I’ve been waking up at 5:20 each morning to work out and not going to bed early enough to compensate. Part of my New Year’s Resolutions that I never got around to posting. The rest include taking my vitamins every day (I totally suck at this), drinking 72 oz of water (3 Contigos) and clean up my eating.

For the eating part I’m going to join the Get Real Challenge on Once a Month Mom. January focuses on pantry and freezer cleaning…something I haven’t done since last January!

I haven’t taken the first week challenge yet (purging the pantry of overly processed foods), but plan to on my upcoming long weekend. But my meals are already looking better than my Winter Break eats! Those were allll over the place and included way too much junk.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting another What I ate Wednesday!


PB&J (Dave’s Killer Bread – 9 grain, Trader Joe’s sea salt valencia peanut butter & my MIL’s elderberry jam)


A super gross yogurt (I just can’t handle artificial sweeteners anymore)- but it was free, so I snagged it anyway


Butternut squash soup and spinach topped with cottage cheese, avocado, red bell pepper and tomatoes.


Apple & candy cane green tea


Leftover potato leak soup, topped with bacon, and a spinach salad with Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing

And a few after dinner Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups will be enjoyed 🙂

Have you joined the Get Real Challenge?

My eating is leaps and bounds away from where it used to be, but it still isn’t where I’d like it to be (think Kath). So I think this challenge is great because it is so organized and I won’t have to spend the energy figuring out what I need to do (which is what always overwhelms me)!


8 thoughts on “Get real [WIAW]

  1. I drink so much of that candy cane tea it is ridiculous. I’m hooked!

    My naturopath has me on an elimination diet right now, I’m 11 days in (10 more to go!). No caffeine, alcohol, gluten, sugar, salt, corn, red meat, anything processed….if I can survive this, you can rock the get real challenge! xo

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