WIAW Winter Break edition

Monday I slept until noon.


It was glorious. Well, aside from the fact that I had a minor cold, which prevented me from enjoying my slumber to its fullest. But aside from a few sniffles, I was pretty content to cuddle with Rilo and do absolutely nothing. I also cleaned the upstairs…don’t want you to think I’m insanely lazy.

Tuesday’s Macy’s preview sale, along with a quick Costco run, allowed me to cross off all but one item on my Christmas list. I plan to knock that one out today. Then I’m really free of obligations and responsibility…until I pull out my curriculum to start planning for January.

Today I’m bringing you yesterday’s eats, which are pretty because I could take pictures in natural light! Yay for Β Winter Break! Thanks for hosting another round of WIAW Jenn πŸ™‚


Oatmeal made with vanilla almond milk, and topped with cinnamon, chia seeds, toasted pecans and Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. OMG Cookie Butter. Equal parts awesome and delicious.


Lunch was comprised of an in the background key lime spiked seltzer, pink lady and bagel thin with a laughing cow wedge, plus this Hugh Jass salad. Inside is a combo of arugula, romaine and baby spinach, tossed with Trader Joe’s reduced fat cilantro dressing. On top is 2T pomegranate seeds, 1/2 cup garbanzo beans, 2T toasted pecans, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1/4th red bell pepper and 2T goat cheese. Holy yum.


Sesame honey cashews…like 3 servings…these are addicting.


Easy, peasy soup/salad/sourdough bread combo. Have you tried this soup yet? I normally don’t like French onion soup, but this brand is pretty good.


(late night snack)

A few scoops of this awesome candy cane jojo’s & cream ice cream. It’s like peppermint ice cream mixed with cookies and cream ice cream. Genius.

What is the most exciting thing you ate today?


6 thoughts on “WIAW Winter Break edition

  1. That food looks amazing, especially the oatmeal!! I’ve been moving this past week so its been takeout for a while! Hopefully once I am all settled in I can start eating some good treats!

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