Teacher’s corner: facebook poster

Remember when I dabbled with the idea of starting either a teaching blog or a page dedicated to teaching ideas…yeah, life got in the way and neither happened. I do, however have a fun assignment to share!

A few days ago I mentioned the facebook project my kidlets were working on. It isn’t an idea I came up with all on my own. I borrowed a power point template from The Daring Librarian, a GREAT blog for integrating technology into the classroom, and used it last year with my eighth graders for an American History project. This year I overheard lots of conversations revolving around facebook and my kidlets, and decided I could bring the assignment down to a fourth grade level.

We are studying early Washington State and kicked off the unit with explorers like George Vancouver, Robert Gray and Lewis & Clark. After learning a little bit about each explorer (through GLAD articles), each student chose an explorer to research. They spent a few days in the computer lab, a day in the library and broke out my ancient World Book Encyclopedias.

The results were great! They were so excited to research and design their posters.  Those who finished early were also eager to help others find pictures or additional information to flush out the posters. They had to pretend to be their chosen explorer and write status updates as that explorer (timeline standard). They also had to find friends (people the explorer spent time with), pictures, fill in an information box (year born/died and country of origin) and the explorers likes (interesting information).

Here is my example:

The assignment page:

And the rubric:

If you’re interested in doing this project, please email me and I can email you the power point assignment so you can update it with your information. If you just want the power point template visit The Daring Librarian to download.

If you’re a teacher, how do you make history come alive?