Only 2 more days

…until Winter Break! And yes, I consider Winter Break an official holiday, meaning it deserves to be capitalized. Today my kiddos turned in and presented their facebook projects (more details on that later), tomorrow they take a test and Friday we decorate gingerbread houses with our reading buddies. Can we just fast forward through tomorrow and skip straight to gingerbread house decorating?

I guess I’ll have to eat a little more Christmas Crack to keep my seasonal spirits high until then. In addition to Christmas Crack, here are Sunday’s meals (which were also Monday’s meals…and part of Tuesday’s and today’s meals. We have a lot of leftovers from Saturday’s shennanigans). Thanks for hosting again Jenn!


Steel cut oats with *gasp* something other than pumpkin. Dried cherries, toasted pecans, chia seeds, cinnamon and sucanut


Leftover potluck gumbo, or jumbo as I kept calling it.


Totally random, but also totally delicious, bowl of roasted brussel sprouts, roasted butternut, Italian sausage, pesto and goat cheese. The Italian sausage looks pink, but I swear it was fully cooked.


A few bites of Christmas Crack and a bite of my latest batch of goodies: peppermint bark

Get this girl some fruits and veggies!

How many holiday parties are you attending this year?

We had our annual Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday and I have my work’s version of the ugly sweater party tomorrow night (we’re all wearing our ugly sweaters to school!). We also have a work party for the hubs Friday night, another holiday party on Saturday evening and celebrate Christmas two times between Sunday and actual Christmas. Phew, I’m already exhausted.