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Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Trader Joe’s? Monday marked the one-month anniversary of their opening, on the opposite side of town, and I’ve already been six times. Six. I need to buy TJ’s stock.

Today’s meals included a lot of Trader Joe’s items, including a new contender for my favorite salad dressing, (which is a really hard title to win).Β  Today’s meals are also coming to a the blogosphere via Jenn’s oh-so-fabulous linky-party. Thanks for hosting Jenn!


A surprise latte from my amazing co-worker πŸ™‚

As well as a slice of baked banana nut oatmeal (recipe to come)


Salad and leftover Flying Goat Providence pizza (goat cheese, roasted red pepper, tomato, garmelized onions and pine nuts). I went to the goat with a friend last night before we saw Miss Representation – which was awesome! But a recap deserves its own post.


A honeycrisp, nanner, and random samplings of crackers


Key lime spiked seltzer, super thick and creamy potato leek soup with bacon (recipe to come), salad with my possible new favorite dressing:

Trader Joe’s Cilantro


Some of these may be devoured…

And last, but least, I attempted a pinteresting outfit recreation for the first time! Thanks to Camille for hosting another Pinterest Recreation Linky-Party! Go link up your pinteresting recreations here!

(Via, pinned here)

Ad my version – not posed…paying attention to Rilo πŸ™‚

Mustard cardi: Target, striped top: Loft, scarf: Target

What is your favorite potato leek soup recipe?

14 thoughts on “Linkity link

  1. You totally rocked it! I love it!!
    p.s. I’m totally jealous you have a Trader Joe’s. When we lived in Cali I went every DAY and we ate so well! I miss it so much.
    Cant wait for the potato leek soup recipe! Looks delish

  2. You look so cute!
    I just made my first venture over the border to Bellingham TJ’s. I am in love! Other loves we just don’t have in Canada: Target, Macys, and Bath and Body Works there has so much stuff we don’t get in Canada!

  3. Love your TJs obsession! Seriously, one of the reasons I was OK about leaving Austin was that I’d now be within 75 minutes of a Trader Joe’s. Still far….but SO much closer than 3+ hours, no?

    I’m actually headed there this weekend…..

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