Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes with strudel and pies galore! While I’m not a vegetarian, I always find it funny when people feel bad for vegetarians on Thanksgiving. The turkey is the least exciting part!


After a week of half days and conferences, my kidlets needed a little fun yesterday morning. Our last writing unit was personal narratives (zooming in on a very small moment of time [seed] and writing a lot about it), and our current unit is expository paragraphs & essays, (which can be dry and formulaic).

We took a brief departure from essay writing yesterday to remember just how creative we can be in our descriptions. I gave them the lead, Mrs. Spinachandskittles was just about to pull the turkey out of the oven when all of a sudden…

There assignment was to be as creative as possible. I gave them 45 minutes to write and then we shared. It was a great bonding experience, and they had a lot of fun! I decided I had to share one.

Mrs. Spinachandskittles was just about to pull the turkey out of then oven when all of a studden black smoke started to rise from the oven. “What the…” SMACK! The oven door flew open and hit Mrs. Spinachandskittles in the head.

“Is the turkey almost done?!” Mr. Spinachandskittles yelled. As he headed downstairs the turkey jumped up and kicked him right in the gut. That was the last Thanksgiving Mrs. Spinachandskittles ever had.

These kids crack me up. Black smoke probably would start to rise if I attempted to cook my own turkey, so it is a good thing we headed north to my in-laws. My leggings are on, as they are the perfect stretchable pant.


What was I thinking? Jeans have no give!

Bring on the food!

Wild Blueberry & Cranberry pie

Mixed greens with goat cheese, dried cherries & toasted pecans

White Bean and basil hummus, goat cheese & cranberries, with multi grain crackers and sourdough bread

I’m not the only food photographer in the family 🙂 SIL Kimberly

Hanging with my niece Adelia – we have the same color palette 🙂

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

    • It is! I found it at Target after a rather extensive search 🙂
      Thanks on the pie lattice comment – it was my first attempt at a lattice! And only my second solo pie attempt ever! My first solo attempt was the cherry pie (under recipe page). I’ve only made a handful with my mom in the past. Something about making pies scares me. All baking for that matter. I’m much more of a cook than I am a baker.

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