I’m loving November.

Goodbye Anytober,

hello Yesvember.

Urban Dictionary defines yesvember as

The eleventh month of the year, when one can look forward to the holidays and cheer of the end of the month and the next month. Because it doesn’t have to be “No-vember”.

As previously mentioned, I have no idea what happened to October. I seem to have lost all sense of time between the first week of school and the end of DRA* collection. Autumn is my favorite season, hands down. I love the golden hues the trees take, especially the large oak outside my classroom; the smell of wood burning, as fires roar in cozy homes; and pumpkin, which finds itself in nearly every breakfast until spring.**

*Reading level assessment gathered the entire month of October.
**I had to use the oatmeal’s semicolon lesson to write that last sentence. I think I used the semicolon as a super-comma…grammar lovers, am I correct in this?

So as November, or Yesvember, rolls in I can’t help but squeal with delight. This month not only brings my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and a trip to visit my grandparents and my best friend, but it also brings two awesome foodie related tidbits.

First up, my black bean burlatta recipe is on the November Once a Month Mom Whole Foods menu!

My amazingly talented friend, Kelly, is the whole foods contributor on OAMM. She’s written a guest post for me, and I’m honored to have my recipe be a part of this month’s whole foods menu!

And second, my pumpkin French toast recipe is on the first page of foodgawker today!

I was shocked when I saw referrals from foodgawker today. I submitted my photo yesterday and never thought it would be accepted. But now I have a foodgawker portfolio! My pumpkin French toast looks so lonely, which means I’ll have to pray for some natural light this weekend so I can photograph a few more recipes I have up my sleeve!

We’re only two days in to November and if both pieces of awesomeness are any indication, it is going to be a really great month.

What is your favorite part of November?


5 thoughts on “I’m loving November.

  1. Congrats! Those pancakes are pretty mouth watering. My favorite part of November may be that it’s closer to Christmas than October. Kind of lame, I know 🙂

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