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Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Trader Joe’s? Monday marked the one-month anniversary of their opening, on the opposite side of town, and I’ve already been six times. Six. I need to buy TJ’s stock.

Today’s meals included a lot of Trader Joe’s items, including a new contender for my favorite salad dressing, (which is a really hard title to win).  Today’s meals are also coming to a the blogosphere via Jenn’s oh-so-fabulous linky-party. Thanks for hosting Jenn!


A surprise latte from my amazing co-worker 🙂

As well as a slice of baked banana nut oatmeal (recipe to come)


Salad and leftover Flying Goat Providence pizza (goat cheese, roasted red pepper, tomato, garmelized onions and pine nuts). I went to the goat with a friend last night before we saw Miss Representation – which was awesome! But a recap deserves its own post.


A honeycrisp, nanner, and random samplings of crackers


Key lime spiked seltzer, super thick and creamy potato leek soup with bacon (recipe to come), salad with my possible new favorite dressing:

Trader Joe’s Cilantro


Some of these may be devoured…

And last, but least, I attempted a pinteresting outfit recreation for the first time! Thanks to Camille for hosting another Pinterest Recreation Linky-Party! Go link up your pinteresting recreations here!

(Via, pinned here)

Ad my version – not posed…paying attention to Rilo 🙂

Mustard cardi: Target, striped top: Loft, scarf: Target

What is your favorite potato leek soup recipe?

Fall inspired Fashion Friday

I can’t believe it is already Black Friday. Do you participate? I don’t! I prefer Cyber Monday, as claustrophobia will take over my entire being in large crowds. Even if you aren’t claustrophobic, Black Friday can be a nightmare. I also plan to partake in Small Business Saturday tomorrow 🙂

I’ve been slacking in the work outfit picture taking department. The gloomy weather is affecting my ability to wake up at a decent hour.  And, it doesn’t matter if I take the picture before or after work, the sun isn’t up at either time of day! But I do have a few outfits to share from the past few weeks.

Thanksgiving attire: silk top: Hurley, cardi: Target, belt: target, leggings: Ross, boots: Loft, necklace: Rachel via Nordstrom Rack

Top: Kenneth Cole, Cardi: Halogen, tights: HUE, (in need of polish) boots: Born, bracelet/earrings: Nordstrom Rack

Dress: Target, Boyfriend Cardi: 14th & Main via Nordstrom Rack, tights: HUE, shoes: payless (and they are comfortable!), necklace: Target

Top: Nordstrom Rack (it is actually a pajama shirt!), belt: Forver 21, scarf: Nordstrom Rack, jeggings: J Brand, booties: Nine West

*fun fact, the pictures behind me are of my paternal grandparents on their wedding day and my parents on their wedding day. We had a picture of each grandparent and parent on their respective wedding days at our wedding, and I love having them in the house. So much love!

What is your favorite fall color palatte?

I am LOVING the gray/mustard combo in the first outfit. Also loving mustard + navy and mustard + chocolate brown. I’m bummed my new school colors are red and black. My last school was black & gold, which are much more fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes with strudel and pies galore! While I’m not a vegetarian, I always find it funny when people feel bad for vegetarians on Thanksgiving. The turkey is the least exciting part!


After a week of half days and conferences, my kidlets needed a little fun yesterday morning. Our last writing unit was personal narratives (zooming in on a very small moment of time [seed] and writing a lot about it), and our current unit is expository paragraphs & essays, (which can be dry and formulaic).

We took a brief departure from essay writing yesterday to remember just how creative we can be in our descriptions. I gave them the lead, Mrs. Spinachandskittles was just about to pull the turkey out of the oven when all of a sudden…

There assignment was to be as creative as possible. I gave them 45 minutes to write and then we shared. It was a great bonding experience, and they had a lot of fun! I decided I had to share one.

Mrs. Spinachandskittles was just about to pull the turkey out of then oven when all of a studden black smoke started to rise from the oven. “What the…” SMACK! The oven door flew open and hit Mrs. Spinachandskittles in the head.

“Is the turkey almost done?!” Mr. Spinachandskittles yelled. As he headed downstairs the turkey jumped up and kicked him right in the gut. That was the last Thanksgiving Mrs. Spinachandskittles ever had.

These kids crack me up. Black smoke probably would start to rise if I attempted to cook my own turkey, so it is a good thing we headed north to my in-laws. My leggings are on, as they are the perfect stretchable pant.


What was I thinking? Jeans have no give!

Bring on the food!

Wild Blueberry & Cranberry pie

Mixed greens with goat cheese, dried cherries & toasted pecans

White Bean and basil hummus, goat cheese & cranberries, with multi grain crackers and sourdough bread

I’m not the only food photographer in the family 🙂 SIL Kimberly

Hanging with my niece Adelia – we have the same color palette 🙂

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Just another manic Monday

Conferences are almost all wrapped up, which is a wonderful feeling. I had back-to-backs all afternoon Thursday and Friday, and the wonderful hubs brought me a soy chai each day. Friday night I also volunteered at Turkey Bingo night until 8 p.m. (where winners walked out with turkeys and/or Costco pies – one of my kids won two of each!). This meant that I completely missed my debut on Foodista as their featured drink blogger of the day!

Foodista Drink Blog of the Day Badge

Sigh. Once conferences are over I’ll be a bit more on top of things. I am on top of things just enough to make a meal plan, however.

Meal Plan Monday

Meatless Monday

Spicy Lentil Wraps (Trader Joe’s – I plan to re-create this soon, so I had to buy one for the ingredient list)


Prosciutto Leak Red Quinoa Lasagna


Turkey Italian Sausage Orzo Stoup (recipe to come)


Happy Thanksgiving! We’re going to the hubs’ parents and are responsible for the salad and a veggie. The salad will be mixed greens topped with toasted pecans, dried cherries, goat cheese and homemade shallot honey dijon dressing. The veggie will be roasted butternut (from our garden!) with sweet onions and crimini mushrooms. Mmmmm, heavenly!


Leftovers 🙂


Coconut Lime Chicken with Chiles


Something in the slow cooker…suggestions welcome! I’ve been pinning away, but am always looking for tried and true recipes. I linked up at the Once a Month Mom Linky Party – and plan to check out the other blogs. If you haven’t been to OAMM yet, check it out – great time saving tips!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

How pinteresting – zucchini cornbread

Remember when your garden was overflowing with zucchini and you were throwing it into every dish imaginable? Maybe you shredded a bunch to make zucchini bread throughout the winter. Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about, and you purchase your zucchini at the grocery store. And maybe you don’t even like zucchini.*

*what is wrong with you?

I was the former, and I’m sad zucchini season is over. When pinterest made its entrance into my life this summer, I pinned zucchini recipes like a mad woman and just as quickly forgot about them.

Then I decided to whip up a batch of lazy girls chili, a recipe I promised you and never delivered, and remembered this pin for zucchini cornbread. Cornbread is already the perfect complement to chili, so the addition of zucchini was very intriguing. Not just intriguing, it was *pinteresting.*

It was an amazing addition! I didn’t change anything in this recipe, which is very difficult for me. I think in the future I’ll swap the sugar for honey, but the recipe is delicious as is. Paula said she’d cut the sugar in half next time, but I didn’t find the muffins to be too sweet. I think they were the perfect combination of sweet and savory. They were also the perfect texture, not too dry as cornbread can tend to be.

So, if you’re a freak like me well prepared for winter, and stalked up on shredded zucchini, click over to Half Baked and whip up a batch of zucchini cornbread muffins.

I’m linking up with Camille over at All Things Lovely for her pinterest recreation party. Join the fun here!

What is your favorite cornbread recipe?

Hunger Games [WIAW]

If you’re a Hunger Games fan I’m sure you’ve already seen this trailer. If you haven’t read the book(s) yet, get on it – now!

…chills y’all, chills.

Over on Forever YA you can find out your Hunger Games name. I’m Buemet A. Jumporchid. Fancy, eh?

The other hunger games, aka What I ate Wednesday, are hanging around today with Monday’s eats. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

As previously mentioned, Monday I took a vacation day to recover from my whirlwind Oregon trip and to plan for conferences/get my lesson plans done. I also planned to hit the gym, bake up a storm and prep some freezer meals. I woke up sick and only accomplished lesson planning. I think I deserve another vacation day!


Coffee with ice cream – we were out of milk and this was the perfect sub.


Steel cut oats with pumpkin, pecans, raisins, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. Surprise, surprise.


Morning Star soysage patty, two spinach pancakes and rye toast


Trader Joe’s roasted garlic hummus with baby carrots and flat bread


Pacific Organics roasted red pepper and tomato soup with grilled cheese on rye.

Late night snackage included way, way, way too many dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joes. They are highly addictive.

Have you read the Hunger Games yet?

I’ve read the trilogy twice, and I NEVER re-read books. I’m going to read it again before March 23rd, too. Love, love, love the Hunger Games!

[November] currently…

I’ve been following  Oh Boy 4th Grade! since July. I was browsing teacher blogs, trying to find a way to successfully transition from 7th/8th to 4th, when I stumbled upon her wonderful blog. Her blog is bursting with fantastic ideas!

Each month she hosts a fun linky party, revolving around everything current. I decided to join the fun this week.

As you can see from the listening section, I filled this in last night 🙂

In addition to what I am currently doing, I thought I’d throw a little blog lovin’ to the other teacher blogs I’m currently reading in the ol google reader:

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What are you currently doing?

Join the fun here!