How pinteresting: volume recreation

I always see cute outfits pinned by others, but I never recreate them. I blame my rather boring closet, which I’m sure is no excuse in the eyes of a creative outfiteer.* That’s why I only have two outfits for this week’s Fashion Friday.

*outfiteer: a fashion blogger who creates cute outfits out of whatever they find in their closet, boutiques, department stores and thrift shops. Coined by me. Think: Disney Imagineers.

Cardi: Cable and Gage, Ruffle polka dot top: The Loft, Jeans: 7 For all Mankind (Dojo fit), shoes: Me Too, necklace: NY&Co.

Sweater: DKNY, belt: Steve Madden, Skirt: Express (from when I worked there in 2002!), tights: HUE & bow tied mary jane’s: Nyla

The shoes were my favorite part, and unfortunately the flash obscured their beauty. Here’s a few shots from my iPhone,

Dainty, aren’t they? My feet looked adorable, and my kidlets kept commenting that I was wearing Mrs. Granger’s shoes. Mrs. Granger is the teacher in our first read-aloud book, Frindle. Yay for text to self connections! Although, Mrs. Granger is an elderly spinster with a bun and stockings, which concerns me a little about how old they think I am…

However, I attempt to assemble cute outfits from my back-to-basics wardrobe, and I know other teachers do too. Which is why I signed up to be in this months Teachers Have Class and Style outfit party!

I’m also making more of an effort to do something about my hair in the mornings. I usually reserve hair and makeup fun for the weekends, when I have time to experiment. But after slamming a large chai tea Sunday afternoon, and subsequently not falling asleep until 1 a.m. Monday morning, I watched tons of hair tutorial videos I found via this pin.

(click on photo for pin, original image found here)

I originally pinned this hair cut/style a while back, longing for more volume, but thinking it was unattainable for me. My hair is very fine, but I have a lot of it. It is a really weird combination, and it drives me insane. I didn’t even realize there was a video linked to the pin (darn those people who don’t add appropriate descriptions to their pins!), but was pleasantly surprised to discover that Kate has a full on video tutorial on how to do this style.


Even more, her cut is just a grown out version of my cut, and she has the same hair type as me. **swoon** I’m not ashamed to admit I watched every hair tutorial, ran to Ulta for supplies the following day, and have been trying her directions every morning this week.

And the results? Well, they are quite pinteresting. Thanks again to Camille for hosting another Pinterest Recreation Party!

Here is what my hair normally looks like:

No volume in the back…

and none on top

And after using Kate’s bouncy curled under tutorial,

Poof! It might not look like much to you, but this is more volume than I’ve had in my entire life. I also didn’t have Aquage, which Kate swears by. I used GUTS by Redkin, but I plan to buy a bottle of Aquage soon.

I also tried her flat iron bangs trick, and they laid perfectly flat!

What have you recently pinned and recreated?

I’ve pinned and recreated curly hair, an owl pumpkin and sweet and salty pumpkin seeds. Join in the fun at All Things Lovely!

8 thoughts on “How pinteresting: volume recreation

  1. Ha! I pinned that hairstyle this week, too. I love it.

    And I finally started creating some “pin worthy” outfits this week as I’m tired of pinning them but not actually wearing anything at all close.

    I also got my first pair of Frye Riding Boots. 🙂 Can’t wait to pair them with a dress and sweater. 🙂

    I love you clothing posts.

    • Thank you! I definitely make more of an effort now that I’m posting outfits on Fridays.
      How fun! You should think about posting some of your recreations and linking up 🙂
      I LOOOOVE Frye boots. I saw an adorable black pair at The Rack this weekend, on clearance, and I almost purchased them. But I have 2 pairs of black boots, and I was really after a brown pair. So I practiced self control and walked away.

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