How Pinteresting: Pumpkin Recreation x2

As per usual, my weekend flew by and Monday smacked me in the face this morning with unrelenting fury. I cursed myself for Sunday afternoon’s chai tea and got on with my day. Luckily I had a delicious meal lined up, and many others to warm me up as the temps drop (to 28 degrees!) this week.

Meal Plan Monday

Meatless Monday

“Cheesy” quinoa with garbanzo beans (similar to this recipe) with zucchini, cumin, salsa and avocado.


Slow cooker black beans and cilantro lime rice (recipe coming soon)


Lazy girl’s chili (recipe coming soon)


Ground Turkey tacos


Homemade pizza

Saturday & Sunday

Pinteresting finds: Enchilada Pasta and Light Lasagna Soup

Other pinteresting finds this week include this pumpkin seed recipe,

*Edited to add, I think the recipe only needs 1 TBS butter, as my seeds were still soggy after the additional 10 minutes, but also burnt. Odd?

and this owl pumpkin.

I’ve got my pumpkin seeds in the oven*, and my pinteresting recreation on my porch. Thanks Camille for hosting another pinterest recreation linky party!

Cute, eh?

Did you carve pumpkins this year?

I carved a pumpkin this weekend for the first time in years! Usually the hubs carves our pumpkin. But this year we invited some friends over for chili, Elysian Night Owl, Scream 4 and pumpkin carving. The hubs carved two pumpkins, and I carved one.

The hubs purchased a Dremel specifically made for pumpkin carving.

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