Fat Talk Free Week!

I’m late to the party, but very happy to be an active participant!

Today something completely ridiculous happened. My pants split, right up the middle. Luckily, I live thisclose to my school, so I was able to run home during my lunch break in order to change. When I returned to work I figured I might as well laugh at the situation, and I told my co-workers about the split. Lots of omg!‘s and laughter erupted. I could have made a comment about how I needed to cut back on my lunch, or that I needed to bust out my fat pants. But I refrained. The fact is, pure and simple, the pants were cheap. I bought them at TJ Maxx, and they fell apart after the first time I washed them. True story. And in honor of Fat Talk Free Week, I didn’t make a fat talk comment about myself.

Are you ready to make the same pledge? Visit Endfattalk.org today! Afterward, send an e-card to show you care. You’ve only got one body, one heart and one mind. Be nice to yourself!