How pinteresting: recreating curly hair

I am not a DIY Queen. I’m not even a DIY lady in waiting.

Edited to maintain PG blog rating status, but I’m sure you can use your imagination.



Whenever I do an at home mani/pedi, I’m peeling extra nail polish off my fingers for days after. It is rather distracting, and it doesn’t help my ocd tendencies.

The first scarf I made took 2 months. I never made another one. So by the time I make this,

my new niece, Josephine, will be 10. Maybe she can wear it as a hat.

I slap a Kiehl’s masque on my face, and call it an at home facial.

If I bring diapers to your baby shower, the packaging will be a little less this,

and a little more this.

However, joining pinterest has me feeling like I could be crafty. My DIY board is exploding with ideas, just waiting to be unleashed. Saturday I was busy catching up on my DVR, pinning up a storm, when I ran across a curly short hair tutorial.


I knew I had to try it right away. Never mind the fact that I had already washed my hair, was back in my pajamas,  camped on the couch, with no plans to leave.

Sadly, even though I attempted to dirty up my hair with hairspray, my curls quickly fell out. On every test, I remind my 4th graders to read and follow all directions. I suppose I need to take my own advice.

Sunday morning I showered, but didn’t wash my hair (which really grossed me out). I was determined to make this DIY hair tutorial work.

And it did! I’m quite impressed with myself.

Sadly, I ran my fingers through my hair (after the picture was taken) and the curls fell out. I should have followed my second rule for test taking: go with your first instinct. I thought the curls might fall out (my hair does not like to hold curl), but I followed the directions anyway.

After leaving a comment on Camille’s blog, thanking her for teaching a 28-year-old how to do her hair, I browsed back a few posts and discovered Camille started a very fun linky party: Pinterest Recreations! It was serendipitous!

Go check out what other bloggers are recreating, and add your own recreation!

What have you recreated from Pinterest?