WIAW, the cold that never was

I’ve been downing Vitamin-C like it’s candy, trying to ward off the inevitable back-to-school cold. I’m surprised I made it all the way to October first without feeling like death warmed over.

I’m sick, but I’m not sick. It’s odd.

What’s not odd? I’m joining Jenn for the What I ate Wednesday linky party.

Pictured are actually Saturday’s eats. I forgot my camera, and my phone, today. But, ever the girl scout, I planned ahead on Saturday just in case I ran out of time to document Wednesday’s eats.


Pumpkin pie Steel Cut Oats

My first steel cut oats experience! I was very impressed with the results. Chewy and nutty. Plus I made enough for breakfast on Monday and Tuesday. Yes, you can eat 3-day-old oats. Just add a splash of milk, or non-dairy milk of your choosing, and reheat in the microwave. Ding! breakfast in a flash ๐Ÿ™‚

Pre-gym snack

Cranbran Vitatop

I found these bad boys at Safeway* in the 50% section. They aren’t even close to being expired. Perhaps Vitatop is doing some repackaging? I hope they weren’t 50% off because they are discontinuing this flavor. It was delicious! Much better than the chocolate varieties.

*I broke my no-Safeway rule, as Trader Joe’s hasn’t opened yet, and I really like the clearance section at Safeway


Corned beef sandwich w/laughing cow and horseradish

Key lime spiked H2O

50% off Fage


I thought my monster walk session would blast away the sickie germs, but no dice. They still hovered over my head, trying to break through. I combated them with nearly homemade worthy tomato soup, sourdough bread and Eat, Pray, Love.


A few of these may, or may not, have sneaked in too.


They are pretty much amazing. High fructose corn syrup never tasted so good.

What is your favorite sickie guilty pleasure?


15 thoughts on “WIAW, the cold that never was

  1. my sickie guilty pleasure is definitely ice cream! nothing better when laying in bed sick, watching a movie and eating ice cream!

  2. when i’m sick i looove my ben & jerry’s. but i mean, i love it all the time. it’s just extra delicious when i’m throwing myself a pity party. i’m also a big fan of not getting dressed or putting on makeup when i’m sick. yoga pants allll the way

  3. awwww darling kick those sicko germs in ze butt!!!!! poor thing! your dinner and movie night sounds amazing right now though =) crap! you asked me a question and i’ve already forgotten it (i got wrapped up reading your posts so its ok right? hehe!) hmm… lemme go find it..

    ooh! the spanikoptia triangles are actually from target!!! Archer Farms brand and all.. they’re pretty fab though i’m determined to save the $5 and make my own!

    happy wiaw love! so glad i have internet back and can comment and read your blog again!

  4. There is this cheese dip/spread at a local grocery store two blocks from ym house. I have no idea what’s in it. Maybe cheddar, mozerella, mayonnaise, sour cream and/or cream cheese? I don’t care! haha. It is so GOOD and worthy of my attention sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yes for warheards. I love those little things. I’ve never had the gummies. Actually I didn’t even know the existed! Shocking coming from a candy queen.

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