why I shouldn’t go to Costco hungry

All day I thought today was Thursday. I was sorely disappointed when I realized tomorrow is not Friday. But since it is, in fact, Wednesday, I can join the linky party Jenn is so gracious to host every week.

These are actually Monday’s eats, but they are eerily similar to today’s eats.

Pre-workout snack (as well as post-work snack, I have a problem, I know.)

Some j-hole was behind me in Costco and snickered as I picked up my Cliff Kid Z Bar box, commenting that “no kid would ever eat that.” Ummm, yes they would. If you don’t stuff them with McDonalds and sugary confections they will actually enjoy food made out of real ingredients. Plus, they aren’t for a kid. They are for me. I am a kid at heart, and I love them. Just sayin’


Creamy buckwheat with pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, pecans, chia seeds and vanilla almond milk.


apple from my parents orchard, celery + hummus

and a pineapple 2% chobani


curried split pea soup topped with cilantro and Fage non-fat Greek yogurt

scallion potato bread

Late night snack, aka why you don’t go to Costco while hungry – I walked out with two very large containers of Nutella, woops

Saltines topped with Nutella

Yep, saltines with nutella. No, I’m not pregnant. I love pretzels with nutella, but I didn’t have any of the twisty treats on hand.* However, at Christmas, a family friend gave us some saltine toffee treats that I ate in about 5 seconds. They were amazingly delicious. I thought perhaps saltines with Nutella would be a good substitute. Mmmmm, not so much. But oh well, I still ate a few spoonfuls of the good stuff, so I’m a happy camper.

*Damn, I should have gotten those at Costco.

What have you purchased lately out of hunger impulse?