MPM: freezer love

When I was growing up, my mom always froze any leftover vegetables at the end of each dinner. Once we had a 4 cup container filled to the brim, my mom would make a big batch of soup. Just like Miss Smart, my mom didn’t like food to go to waste. The soup never tasted the same, and this is probably where my creativity in the kitchen started.


After graduating from college and starting my first job, I began to make a big pot of soup every Sunday. I followed the same principal of throw in whatever veggie you have, along with a grain and protein of some sort, and I would eat it down all week long. By  Thursday afternoon I was sick of whatever soup I had created, but I was single and broke, so I quickly got over my bored taste buds.


A few years passed and I finally revisited the idea of freezer cooking. Aside from my staple frozen pizzas, lean cuisines and mom’s frozen vegetable soup, I didn’t have much experience with freezer meals.  But I am so happy my friend Alanna introduced me to freezer cooking. She probably doesn’t even realize she did this, but I thank her nonetheless.  A year and a half I was browsing her blog and ran across her cooking day recap. I was transported to Once a Month Mom* and quickly fell in love with freezer cooking.

*my friend Kelly writes the whole foods menu!

This week’s menu plan is chock full of meals that were either pulled out of the freezer, or will be made in double batches,freezing half for later consumption.

Meal Plan Monday


Curried Split Pea Soup and scallion bread


Grilled Ahi, Caprese salad, brown rice


Spinach gnocchi with homemade pesto


Chicken and Black Bean Burlattas


Turkey burgers and zucchini sticks


Lasagna rolls


Zucchini White Bean Soup (subbing yellow squash)


Have you eaten any of the meals in this week’s meal plan?

5 thoughts on “MPM: freezer love

  1. PS. Your 91 yearl old depression era grandmother appreciates the whole, waste not, want not thing that led to the freezer veggie container!

  2. mmm that soup sounds delicious! i haven’t had any of these things, but I honestly don’t know what i’d do without freezer food. it makes everything so convenient! plus, with frozen veggies and fruits it allows you to keep them for ages, without fear of them rotting or going to waste. you can also have corn without having to boil a kernel or use a whole can. i’m such a fan! i’m checking out that link ASAP too- i love anything that helps me recycle food i have and save money!

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