the return of pumpkin

Last week I was so on top of things. Lesson plans done, homemade meals cooked every night, gym every morning at 5, and blog posts to boot!


But this week…
Lesson plans done.
Leftovers, or easy one pot meals every night.
Gym only 2 mornings, and it isn’t looking good for tomorrow.
No blog posts.



But I knew I could pull it together for a WIAW linky party. Thanks Jenn for getting my virtual butt in gear :


So here are Monday’s eats, not quite as pretty as weekend eats, but they represent everything that is my life right now: an attempt to be balanced.


Finally found pumpkin! I purchased 3 extra-large containers at Wal-Mart (judge away), and whipped up a batch of my friend Kelly’s pumpkin spice latte discs, following Megan’s triple measurements, (as I wasn’t in the mood to do math!).

Following the pumpkin trend I had a large container of pumpkin pie oatmeal,

and a second coffee…

I cut the roof of my mouth on my blackened Rudi’s whole grain wheat English muffin,

and was then stung by my slightly acidic salad dressing.

Luckily my Cliff Kids fruit rope

and Chobani pineapple (2% – soooo much tastier than 0%!) lifted my spirits.

Still starving when I arrived home, I slathered some Bee’s Knees on a brown rice cake as I whipped up dinner.

Potato rosemary bread and zucchini white bean soup (recipe tomorrow…or Friday….or Saturday, but shooting for tomorrow).

I was too tired to eat dessert…which never happens.

What is your favorite de-stress technique.