Say hello to my elephant, she needs a name.

Wow, two weeks in a row I’ve managed to get my stuff together to get fashion Friday post put together. I’m pretty impressed with myself.


dress: Mossimo (Target), ribbon belt: Gap, shoes: Dansko


Dress: Ann Taylor Loft, Bag: Coach, shoes: Dankso, Necklace: NY&Co.


(cooled down to 85!)

Top, burmudas: Ann Taylor Loft, Cardi: Banana Republic, wedges: Born


Dress: eci, Cardi: Banan Republic, Shoes: Aerosoles


Ruffle shirt: TJ Maxx, Cardi: Halogen, Capris: Banana Republic, shoes: Lucky

Today was College shirt Spirit Day. I completely forgot, until I got to school and saw all the teachers and office staff wearing Gonzaga, WSU and Easter apparel. I improvised by attaching my GO ZAGS! door sign to my shirt.

Fiday funny: if you look closely you can see my elephant. I need an “E’ name for her. She is attached to my school badge/school keys. One of my kids noticed it says Coach on it, and asked me what sport I coached. I didn’t realize she was referring to my elephant and couldn’t figure out why she thought I coached a sports team.

It didn’t stick all day, but I was at least wearing Gonzaga colors to make up for my mistake 😉

Where did you go to college?

I went to Saint Mary’s College of California my Freshman year and then transferred to Gonzaga University my Sophomore year. I graduated with a B.A. from there (Communications & Sociology) in 2005. I attended Whitworth University for my Masters in Teaching, and graduated in 2010.

What should I name my elephant?

I’m leaning toward Eleanor, but I am open to other E name suggestions.