You don’t know what canned pumpkin is?

Alternate title for today’s post: Why I’m breaking up with Safeway.

Sunday night I ran to Safeway for the sole purpose of purchasing a can of Libby’s pumpkin in order to make some freezer pumpkin spice latte discs.

They had pumpkin pie mix, which contains sugar and spices, but no straight up canned pumpkin. I asked the check-out girl when they would be getting it in, and she wasn’t sure what it was. So I explained, and she was kind enough to call the produce department. I can kind of understand the check-out girl not knowing what the difference is between the two, but the produce department didn’t know either. Really?! Is is just the blogging community that’s obsessed with canned pumpkin?

But that isn’t the reason I’m breaking up with Safeway. When asked when they would get the canned pumpkin in, the produced responded with an if we get it statement. If? IF? Sorry Safeway, it isn’t working out. I’m not sure if it is me, or if it is you, but we’re through.

Luckily, Trader Joe’s set an opening date in the near future, (Oct. 28).


Looks like I’ll be using Rosauers as a rebound for the next six and a half weeks.

16 thoughts on “You don’t know what canned pumpkin is?

  1. Thanks for the link up Leila!! I will say though I had to search HIGH and LOW for pumpkin. Apparently the shortage last year because of the floods wiped out a lot of the stores supplies. I found some finally, but there were only three cans on the shelf! I finally ordered some online. Saved a $1 a can too!!

  2. I have a BIG can up in the cupboard from last Thanksgiving. I had planned to make a pie and never did! If you get desperate you can raid my cupboards πŸ™‚

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  4. Yep! We experienced the pumpkin shortage at Fred Meyer after last year’s floods. We were told to give it to our dog to help her with some “back-end issues” and searched high and lo.

    Time to stockpile it away in a bunker, I guess.

  5. Ok, what is it about canned pumpkin. I couldn’t find it at Fred Meyer either. It’s bullshit. I’m breaking up with Safeway too. TJ’s could not get here soon enough.

    YWIA for cussing on your blog.

  6. First, my mom had this same issue in PA when searching for canned pumpkin last season to make pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. She ended up buying some funky gourd that didn’t really look like pumpkin, but tasted exactly like one and made her pies from scratch! You can bet I will be looking for canned pumpkin next time we go to the supermarket in England. I will report back. πŸ™‚

    Second, I am so jealous of your TJ’s, but I have to say I’m having fun in the British supermarkets!

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