MPM: Second week of school

Today is a full moon, were you aware? If you are a teacher, then you definitely feel the shift a few days prior, and are very aware the day of, even without checking your calendar.

In crazy full moon honor, I jumped back on the pre-work gym bandwagon this morning. I haven’t worked out since July. Yeah…

I’ve been in physical therapy for my strained IT band since mid-July, and was told I needed to lay off the running for a while. I still completed my physical therapy sessions, rocking the planks and monster walks.


But I neglected to work out otherwise. This morning I forced myself to go. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fun, but I’m glad I did it. It is just one more peg in my routine board that makes my life feel organized and put together.

On the same organized note, here is this week’s meal plan.

Meal Plan Monday: Second Week of School

Monday, September 12

Zucchini melts (if the recipe is blogworthy I’ll post it this week) & salad

Tuesday, September 13

Grilled fish, roasted potatoes with homemade pesto

Wednesday, September 14

Chicken and orzo soup, salad

Thursday, September 15

Tuna zucchini cakes, salad

Friday, September 16

Homemade pizza (using my favorite dough), salad

Saturday, September 17

Date night/very late celebration of our anniversary at The West Wing

Sunday, September 18

Wild card – suggestions?

What is your post-summer work-out schedule like? Are you a morning or evening exerciser?