A ray of sunshine

Today, everyone is remembering. Remembering where they were 10 years ago today, remembering loved ones lost, and remembering heroes they never knew.

I remember being a college freshman, and it was the second day of the second week of school. I didn’t have a television in my dorm room, so I had no idea what was happening across the country as I got ready for my 9 a.m. psychology class. On the brisk walk across campus I noticed many people crying, but I didn’t know why. My psychology professor began class by stating we were free to go due to the days events. The rest of the day was filled with frantic phone calls, crying and eyes glued to the news. It was completely sobering.

For many, today is a sad day. But I prefer to focus on hope, joy, and love. In my family, today is a very special day, as we celebrate the second birthday of my niece, Adelia.

Who finds complete happiness in drinking Aunt Leila’s water,

joy in new clothes,

excitement in pink softball mitts,

wonder in fuzzy books,

and elation in plastic laptops.*

*the first button she pushed said It’s time for a new blog entry! I died laughing!

Happy Birthday Adelia! Thank you for making September 11th a little bit brighter.