Surgically stylish

Back in June the hubs blew out his knee. While playing slow-pitch softball. For the second time.
I have no idea where I got this, but isn’t it awesome?

Today he had surgery to replace this patella femoral ligament and patella tibial ligament with cadaver ligaments (eww).

While in the waiting room I watched the same clips on Northwest Channel News 5 times and read The Daily 5 (literacy management program). This afternoon will be spent taking care of the hubs as he starts down the long road to recovery (6ish months of rehab!). In the meantime, I have two link parties to attend – aren’t you excited?

After dropping the hubs off for pre-opp, I ran to The Rocket to grab a sesame bagel and drip coffee to accompany my pineapple chobani (best flavor!).

After the hubs was out of surgery, and somewhat alert,

I whipped up some amazing roast beef sandwiches.

Kaiser roll topped with stone ground mustard, low-fat mayo, spicy horseradish, roast beef, melted horseradish white cheddar, Walla Walla Sweet Onion and tomato slices.

Along for the ride were a pickle spear, carrots and cilantro chimichurri hummus (Tribe brand).

A little later on I’ll be eating watermelon non-stop.

as I browse pinterest, foodgawker and tastespotting for some dinner ideas. I have 2 and a half grilled chicken breasts that I need to do something with. Any suggestions?

And for my second linky-party, Teacher Week continues today with Where it all goes down Wednesday (classroom tour).

I spent about 4 hours in my room yesterday, but it still isn’t fully set up. I’ve been going in every day for the last week and a half, spending an hour or two each day. It is slowly, but surely, coming together. I didn’t have my camera yesterday, but I did have my crap-tastic iPhone. Sadly, the pictures all turned out blurry, but I’ll show the best of what I’ve got 🙂

Southwest corner

My Giving Tree

(more on this idea in a later post)

South Wall

The south side of my room is for all things literacy.

CAFE wall – fonts from Kevin and Amanda

Southeast Corner

Reading corner. I’m in love with my rug (Peace Trees from Shopko – 55% off!)

I “PICK” sign from Our Cool School. Baskets from JoAnn (60% off plus an additional 20% off on Teacher Appreciation Weekend!)

Awesome garage sale find, plus pillows from Ross.

North Wall

The north side of my room is dedicated to math and science. I have the scientific way of answering MSP (measure of student process – state test) questions above my white board. Math manipulatives will go in the turquoise container below and in the hanging thing. I’m hoping to snag a table to put under the whiteboard too.

Behind my curtains is an awesome storage closet that runs the width of my closet. The curtains are from Linens and Things, way back in the day! I’m happy the length worked, as the hibiscus pink color matches my rug and the pink in my turquoise on dots and paisley boarders. Yes, I am a color-coordinated nerd 🙂

East Wall

I have built in cupboards along the entire east wall. On the left will be storage for me. On the right I have enough for each student to have their own shelf (3 shelves per cupboard) to store bulky items. It is VERY nice! My students will also have lockers outside the classroom, which really helps de-clutter their desks. In the center I have a student supplies area, including post its, highlighters, classroom library check out system, scissors, etc.

So there you have it, my work in progress. Our school is set to be remodeled in two years, so I am trying not to get too cozy or stressed about things I cannot change. More photos will be posted once I finish setting up, and I promise to use my DSL camera 🙂

What do you remember most about your elementary classroom(s)?

My school was set up in “pods” – where each pod had 3 classrooms, they could be separated or combined based on sliding doors. When I was in fourth grade, the other two rooms were 5th grade, and I remember being really jealous when the D.A.R.E. program was going on. I wanted to skip science and join them.

15 thoughts on “Surgically stylish

  1. That roast beef sandwich elicited a stomach growl. Thanks a lot. 😉

    I remember the reading rocking chair in my first grade class and my teacher (Mrs. Taich) reading to us from Where the Sidewalk Ends. Such a warm memory for me.

  2. My hubs would love that roast beef sammich!! Looks great!!

    Ahhhh elementary school….My favorite years….The teachers stood out for me more than the classrooms…Actually come to think of it, the library was my favorite place…Lots of plants, comfortable rugs, mini chairs…Ah….I love it!

  3. I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers are teachers! It is so interesting to see the rooms and stuff. Your room is super cute! I think the children will feel very comfortable.


  4. I want to cry, I’m so happy for you!!!! One of my favorite memories is of my 5th grade teacher playing vinyl records during quiet art or work times. Not one kid acted up; we all silently “agreed” on the much-needed zen time. 🙂

  5. I loved show and tell!!! In 3rd grade my teacher extended so that each week one kid was VIP. There was a special bulletin board that was dedicated to the VIP for that week. We got to bring our stuff in and post it on the board (there was also a table under the board to set things on) and then in the middle of the week the student got to present everything to the class. I remember one boy (whom I am still friends with) had gone to Columbia to visit family during the summer. He brought back lots of pictures and souvenirs from his trip. I was so jealous that he got to travel there! I also remember that a lot of times the parents would come in and help decorate the board. It was always full of really fun and exciting things each week!

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