Meet the Teacher Monday

Aside from the shameful amount of time I’ve spent on pinterest and passive aggressive notes lately, another (much more important)activity has taken over my life: my classroom. How can a room be an activity? Well,’s third definition reads:

work, especially in elementary grades at school, that involves direct experience by the student rather than textbook study.
Seeing as how I am setting up both my classroom and my lessons for elementary students, I am going to classify the term my classroom as an activity. While I am thrilled to have the opportunity to go into my own classroom this year, my poor little blog has been very neglected lately.
However, this week is Teacher Week 2011, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to fill y’all in on what I’ve been up to lately. Plus I’ve been toying around with the idea of either adding a teaching tab to this blog, or starting a blog dedicated solely to teaching. Maybe this series of link-ups will be just what I need to take the next step.

Meet the Teacher Monday

Tell us a little something about you…
My name is Leila (Lee-Eye-Lah), and I am a self-confessed foodie. I started this blog in December 2010 as an effort to combine my love of food with my desire to be healthy. Every so often tales of teaching innertwine themselves with my food, and you wind up reading about how I eat my applesauce. For a more in-depth description of my oh-so-fabulous life, check out my about tab.
How long have you been teaching?
This will technically be my 2nd year. I graduated with my Masters in Teaching in June 2010, and landed a middle school library media teaching position for the 2010-2011 school year. I was laid off in May, and this summer I taught Film as Lit to incoming 5th-8th graders. I was fortunate to be recalled, but not to my original position. I am now a fourth grade teacher with my own classroom 🙂 Hopefully I will get to stay in this position, as the school is awesome (and mere blocks from my house!) and I love the intermediate grades.
You might not know…
Teaching is my second (third?) career. I originally wanted to make soundtracks for movies, but then I realized two things 1) I didn’t go to a school for undergrad that would help me realize this dream, and 2) I would have to L.A. for the foreseable future. No thanks.
I graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in Communications and landed a position in the Promotions Department of our local FOX affiliate. I moved to San Diego and began working in the Publicity and Marketing departments of a book publishing company.  We moved back to Spokane, and I became the Marketing Director for a non-profit restaurant and dinner theatre. While all of these jobs were fun and required a lot of creativity and attention to detail, none of them filled me with joy. (I just wrote job. They did fill me with job. Just not the job I wanted).
When the non-profit closed, and I took a job not in my field, I decided I needed to re-visit the idea of going to grad school for teaching. I had tossed the idea around since 2006, but I didn’t get serious about it until the fall of 2008 when I turned in my application to Whitworth University.
What are you looking most forward to this school year?
What am I not looking forward to?! I’m looking forward to meeting my students (Open House is September 1st!), diving into the Daily 5 and CAFE (thanks to all you teacher bloggers for promting me to investigate this curriculum), reading with my students, and teaching math again. I LOVE teaching math, which is very amusing to me, as I hated math as a kid.
What do you need to improve?
I really don’t like teaching science. I don’t think this is due to a lack of scientific knowledge, but instead, my attitude toward teaching science. I don’t have a sink, and we use FOSS curriculum (which is rather messy). I like things clean and orderly, and teaching science in an investigative manner is neither!
I also need to improve my time management skills. Not neccessarily during the school day, but after the teaching day ends so I don’t wind up working all weekend, every weekend.
What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?
  • Post-its!
  • Coffee, yes it is a supply.
  • Sharpies
  • white boards (for me, and the kiddos)
What teaching supply do you want to exist, but it doesn’t yet?
A never ending supply of sharpened pencils!
Check out the other teacher bloggers here!

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