Fun find at Costco

I promised you more photos from our road trip, but then I started labeling/organizing my classroom library,

(I am in desperate need of more baskets and packaging tape), and time got away from me. I decided to color code my books by genre, and include the DRA level (if available). This website has been a valuable resource tonight. But I didn’t quite grasp the amount of time I would be spending looking up the levels, adding them to the books, and updating my google doc spreadsheet. As much as I would love to spend hours catching up on Friends re-runs as I organize myself, I’ve decided I need to weed out books that might not be appropriate or enjoyed by my fourth graders. These include easy reading books gifted to me from a retired teacher,

and the 3 boxes of Babysitters Club books I purchased a a steal of a deal last summer (approximately 175 books for $6!).

Before the organizing frenzy began, I did manage to score some awesome deals today, including 10 cent composition notebooks (Staples until Wednesday, limit 3 – unless you’re a teacher, then it is 25!), fabulous rug for my reading corner at 55% off (Shopko), and the very last copy of the Peas and Thank You Cookbook at Costco!

p.s. this picture looks eerily similar to Mama Peas…


Creepy, no? I like to think great minds think alike, and I am thismuchcloser to being as cool as Mama Pea.

Tonight’s meal was not meatless (although I am very excited to tear through my new cookbook and whip up some tasty treats), but it was prepared by the hubs, making my organizing extravaganza much more enjoyable.

And the best part? He cleaned the kitchen afterward.

Husband of the year!

3 Questions for you today:

Are you an organized person?

I am, and I’m not. For work purposes I am very organized. I like things color coded and labeled. I’ve been compared to Monica on Friends multiple times (and yes, I take it as a complement, thankyouverymuch). In my personal life, however, not so much. Case in point: I’ve lost my passport twice. The first time for four years, the second for 9 months. Luckily it resurfaced each time, but I wasn’t able to venture up to Canada while it was MIA, which is a real travesty.

Do you own Mama Pea’s cookbook Peas and Thank You yet?

Are my posts showing randomly highlighted words for advertising purposes?

I’m not sure if I have a virus, (I changed my password just in case), but I noticed a few random advertisements throughout my blog. At first I only saw it on my blog, but now I am seeing it on EVERY website I visit. I’m not sure if it is a my computer/browser thing, or if it is more than that. Annoying!


9 thoughts on “Fun find at Costco

  1. Don’t see any advertisements, but I LOVE your classroom library organization…I never was so thorough, and now that my entire 5th grade library is gathering dust in my dad’s basement (since last year!) I may never get around to it….and I feel you on searching for levels and whatnot. It takes FOREVER!!!

  2. HI! I didn’t see any random advertisements and I don’t have the cookbook. My hubs has an aversion to vegetables with names longer than one syllable. Seriously! Though he cheats some, like spuds. That leaves us with corn, peas and beans. I am organized šŸ™‚ and while it often drives other people crazy there’s something about labels that just makes me happy šŸ™‚

  3. 1. I try to be organized but I only seem to have x-amount in me. Sometimes that means my home is organized, sometimes my office, sometimes my social calendar, etc. Never all at once.

    2. I don’t own her cookbook yet, but I think it would be a really fun one to read through!

    3. Nope, don’t see any ads here. I’m using Firefox.

    • It was a layer of bell peppers, sweet onions, rehydrated mushrooms (from the big ol container at Costco), some herbs, evoo and yukon gold potatoes, topped with chicken breasts and more herbs/oil/s&p. Not sure on the specifics, but I’ll check with the hubs and get back to ya!

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