What is black, white and red [quinoa] all over? WIAW!

Nope, not a newspaper. It is today’s WIAW! As a result of pure laziness multiple reasons, I missed last week’s link up party. But, have no fear bloggettes, I’m back with beautifully creative dishes to tempt your taste buds.

Breakfast: red quinoa (cooked with water and chilled in the fridge) mixed with chia seeds, dried cherries, pepitas, cinnamon, and topped with vanilla almond milk.

Snack: self-picked cherries!

Lunch: I’m not horsing around red quinoa salad (recipe tomorrow!)

Snack: Fage 0% with cherry & pomegranate  – my new favorite flavor combination.

Snack: carrots and sugar snap peas from our garden w/trader joe’s hummus.

Dinner: Flank steak wrapped with provolone cheese and fresh basil from our garden. I always see versions of this at the grocery store, and want to purchase them. But I never have. Sunday, the hubs agreed to do an at-home version for me, and I liked it so much I requested he make it again during the work week.

Do you notice the white rocking chair in the background? I saw it on Saturday evening as I was driving by a garage sale. I debated for 5 seconds if I should stop, quickly determined it would be a brilliant addition to my classroom, and pulled over. A few minutes of bum-testing and haggling later, I walked away with the perfect reading nook chair.

Oh, yes, I never update y’all. I few months back I mentioned I had been laid off, along with a slew of other people in my district. The last day of school we were notified that all certificated employees would be recalled (yay!). However, every teacher in the district was subject to possible involuntary transfer. I spent the next month in limbo, knowing I would have a job, but was unsure what I would be doing. Last week I received my official placement. I wanted to wait until I had the opportunity to meet with my new principal, get curriculum materials, etc. before I announced my placement…

What do you think I’ll be doing?


This school year I will be a fourth grade* teacher! I am thrilled about my placement – a mere .21 miles from my house! (Yep, total nerd alert, I tracked it with my Garmin). I feel like I won the layoff/recall lottery! I knew I had little chance of returning to my school, (as all elementary schools had their library hours cut, and more senior librarians were offered the remaining full-time middle and high school positions). So even though I am very sad to leave a position and a school I loved so much, I am so excited to get back into the classroom!

(source) *I have a K-8 Certification

What is your favorite memory of fourth grade?

My favorite memory is my teacher, Mr. Showers. He was a great story teller. I remember a story he told the class about his friend who went on an African safari and had an elephant sit on his car. I have no idea if the story is true, but I still remember finding it hilarious.