My 7 Links

A few days ago I was nominated by Sarah, of Sarah for Real, to take part in My 7 Links. Sarah’s was the first 7 Links post I had seen, but it led me to spending many hours pouring over other 7 Links posts. Kind of like when you start off looking at one person on Facebook, and 20 people later you’re browsing your 2nd grade crush’s page. Blogging is funny like that.

Official rules can be found here, and my Bloggers Digest version is: link to the 7 blog categories and tag 5 bloggers.

My Most Beautiful post:

If we’re talking strictly photo-wise, I’m going to go with my Wordless Weekend post on June 12th.

My Most Popular post: I’ll be honest, I’m too new to WordPress to figure this one out. However, June 15th I received the most hits, so I am going to consider the post on that day my most popular. It was, the last WIAW of the school year.

My most controversial post: That is a toughie, as I don’t write very controversial posts (due to my profession). However, I think my series for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2011 could be considered controversial, as there are people who still believe eating disorders are not a problem, or that they are just for attention, or that people who have eating disorders just need to eat, or that only girls have eating disorders, or, or, or…well, you get my point. The most controversial post of the series that comes to mind is the Why are we afraid of… post.


My most helpful post: has to be my simplifying your life post from way back when I was on tumblr, where I discuss how I organize myself for the work week.

A post where success surprised me: this would have to be my Bloomsday 2011 recap. After living with exercise-induced athsma my entire life, I never thought I could be a runner. Finishing Bloomsday (7.41 miles) proved to me that I am capable of running, and that I can’t put up mental blocks. It also spurred me into signing up for my first half marathon!


A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: probably my first National Eating Disorders Awareness post.

The post that I am most proud of: The Thin Ideal post. Are you seeing a theme here? After living with an eating disorder, and subsequently spending vast amounts of time researching the psychology and sociology of eating disorders, I naturally tend to write a lot about them. It is no wonder 3 out of 7 of my posts are linked to eating disorder related topics.


And now I would like to nominate:

Sarah at The Smart Kitchen

Jen at Chase-ing the Dream

Lindsay at Lindsay Living

Carly at Carly Love

Monique at She’s Going the Distance


3 thoughts on “My 7 Links

  1. Oh goodness! I totally get sucked into the facebook vortex….I also just spent a lot of time reading old posts of yours! This is fun, I’ll have to do some thinking!

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