U-pick, I-pick

Today the hubs and I traveled to Greenbluff, a small no-spray and low-spray farming community north east of Spokane where you can pick your own fruit. Even though I’ve lived in Spokane for nine years, I’ve never been to Greenbluff. Today I picked my first cherry.

Our first stop was Walters Fruit Ranch, which I selected solely for the smiling apples sign.

After a short tractor ride, and a brief introduction to picking cherries, we set out through the orchard, picking Bings and Rainiers along the way.

We also found a birds nest!

After picking, we were greeted by a shaggy dog inside the store,

cheap wine tasting,

and jam and jelly tasting.

We walked away with about three pounds of cherries, for a whopping four dollars.

Next stop was Hidden Acres for a little raspberry picking.

and Ram meeting.

Inside their shop I found a few gems,

I need to meet this Garlic Lady…

We spent a total of $2.30 on 3 pounds of raspberries – score!

Our final destination, not to beconfused with the movie*,

*raise your hand if you were also in love with Devon Sawa

was Eleven Acres, to pick ourselves some strawberries. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any pictures, but here is a happy strawberry to brighten your day.


We spent $1.90 on two and a half pounds of strawberries – crazy!

So now our fruit drawer is busting with fresh goodies, and I’m scouring the internet for fresh, healthy, and tasty recipes.

Do you have any must-make recipes involving cherries, raspberries or strawberries to share?

Have you ever been to a U-pick farm?


4 thoughts on “U-pick, I-pick

  1. Yum! I love fresh raspberries {there’s a quart in my fridge left my my MIL}! I don’t usually get fresh fruit into anything baked because it’s so yummy as is. I do love to quarter a bunch of strawberries and douse them in basalmic with a little sugar…let them stew for an hour or so and the eat them. Sounds a bit odd but they’re delicious! Good with BBQ!

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