WIAW Birthday style

Yesterday I turned the big 2-8. I know this doesn’t sound old to some people, but it is the first birthday I’ve felt old. And tired. And cranky. I usually am thrilled to celebrate my birthday, but not this year. I have wrinkles now!

My co-worker* helped brighten my outlook, however, with a bouquet of balloons 🙂

*Thanks Corinne!

The majority of my birthday eats were consumed quickly via tupp-faux-wear containers, as yesterday was the first day of summer school. Last year I celebrated in Paris…

turning 27 was a whole lot more fun than turning 28!

But back to my birthday eats, WIAW style.


Breakfast was a little un-overnight oat action: raw oats, 1 T chia seeds, splash o vanilla, 1/2ish cup organic blueberries & a little cinnamon. Mixed cold before I left for work, and consumed on arrival.L

Lunch included leftover Mexican(ish) quinoa salad and lemon chiffon yogurt.S

Snacks included carrots + Greek yogurt dip*

*purchased on clearance, Miss Smart would be proud!

and an awesome strawberry shortcake cupcake, that another co-worker (Thanks Shan!), made me. I neglected to take a photo, but it was reminiscent of this:(source)


Dinner was a little Flying Goat action (duh). By the end of the day I was exhausted and had no energy left to do anything other than open gifts (below), read my book (Water for Elephants, meh) and have a casual dinner.

Aubrey Salad (romaine, roma, cuke, red onion, mozz & lemon vinegarette)

Maherita (recycled photo, the sun was far too bright for food photography)

And my gifts? They fit in with my original W (weigh-in). Twenty-eight marks the year of running. The hubs got me a Garmin 405(!!),the super fun bondi band* I wanted,

*perfect for my half-marathon this weekend!

and my parents got me a running log and the complete book of running for women.

The hubs also got me The Borrower, a tale about a Librarian who kidnaps a 10-year-old boy obsessed with reading to save him from his over-protective crazy mother. It looks really good 🙂


What was your most memorable birthday?


8 thoughts on “WIAW Birthday style

  1. Happy Birthday Leila! I would love to borrow “The Borrower” when you’re finished…it looks great. And, running will keep you young!

  2. awww happy belated birthday doll! ❤ wine and running go hand in hand don't they? no? haha! ❤ for me they do. run. showa. wine. repeat! hope you had a fab bday AND wiaw! mwah!

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