We have an egg!

One of the ladies laid an egg last night, or yesterday, we aren’t sure.

The hubs found it this morning…

As you can see, he was thrilled that I made him take a picture with the egg.

Unfortunately, it had a hole and a wee bit o blood in it.

But I’m a proud mama of my chicks. They’re becoming chickens. Or whatever the woman equivalent of a chicken is.

Do you have any plans for the long weekend?

To my friends up north – Happy Canada Day!

Tonight we have friends, Annie and Brendan, visiting and tomorrow is SIL#2’s* baby shower. SIL#3* is visiting from San Diego. Tuesday I start teaching summer school….where did my summer go?!

*SIL= sister-in-law, #=birth order.

6 thoughts on “We have an egg!

  1. Ok, forgive my ignorance… How do you know it was fertilized? Is it that you have a rooster you assume they’ve all been fertilized? And I thought it didn’t matter if they were fertilized, you can still eat them as long as the chickens don’t get a chance to incubate them. Sorry, I have a lot of chicken questions apparently!

    • Aggh, I learned the lesson of EDIT before PUBLISH today. Sigh. No, the egg is not fertilized, we don’t have a rooster. But, it did have blood in it. I meant to update this when the hubs texted me earlier to alert me of my error. That is what I get for watching the Today show while I type. 😉

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