WIAW iPhone edition

Have you ever watched extreme couponing? I’ve got it on in the background (first time semi-watching), and wow, these people are kinda crazy. I mean I am all for a good deal, but 57 bottles of (high fructose corn sugar added) bbq sauce? 100 packets of top ramen? No thanks. I was, however, pretty impressed with the free toilet paper and diapers. As well as the double coupons (but I don’t think any of my local grocery stores actually do that).

But I digress, back to regularly scheduled W’s.

W#1: Weigh-in

I’ve been majorly slacking this week. I only ran 7 miles on Saturday, and I was supposed to run 10. Woops. I got up late, hit the road late, and needed to turn back early. I also hit a major wall at mile 5. No bueno. I did a little HIIT action on the elliptical this morning. It wasn’t awesome, but it was something. I’m hoping to hit the pavement for a 5 miler before work tomorrow, but I can make no guarantees. Those 7:45 a.m. Thursdays don’t help my half-marathon running plan much.


I forgot my camera today. So you get a few craptastic iPhone photos. Meh.

Pre-gym snack-a-roo: 2 dates.

Breakfast: Peppermint tea and pumpkin pie oats (1/3 cup quick oats, 1 TBS chia seeds, 2 TBS canned pumpkin, 2 TBS raisins, 1/2 tsp cinnamon)

Lunch: an orange that was a major B to peal, resulting in an orange massacre

& whole wheat penne, grilled chicken, tomato & herbtastic sauce.

(last night’s photo is much prettier, so you get that instead)

Afternoon snacks: bell pepper + grape tomatoes

and my favorite non-Greek yogurt: Cascade Fresh Lemon Chiffon. So delicious! And it’s local (Seattle) with a clean ingredient list.

A nanner was pictured, but was never consumed.

Upon returning home I whipped up a batch of quinoa/chicken/veggie salad, (recipe to come). I am anxiously waiting for the quinoa to chill so I can eat!

I’m also going to be eating a little bit of this fabulous three cheese semolina bread Costco was sampling a few weeks ago. I love La Brea bread so much. We purchased their cookbook a while back, but the process is insanely difficult, so we’ve yet to make a loaf 😦

Later tonight I know I’ll be nibbling on some raw (vegan) cookie dough balls, (recipe tomorrow!). I cannot wait to dig into these!


Do you shop with coupons? Are you an extreme couponer? Do you watch Extreme Couponing?

I rarely use coupons. I only ever clip them for products I already purchase. I also often get coupons with my receipt for things I buy often (Greek yogurt, milk, butter, etc.), and I shop with sales in mind (after I meal plan according to the sales).

11 thoughts on “WIAW iPhone edition

  1. I have seen Extreme Couponing but frankly I am frightened by people who feel compelled to store those quantities of product in their homes. Wow! I occasionally use a coupon, but I don’t go to any lengths to COUPON. On another note, Thursday mornings are also putting a cramp on my training schedule…only one more to go!

  2. Just got into coupons after watching the show and I have been doing it for about 2 months now and have saved A LOT!!! It’s kind of an obsession now for me, every bit I save is 1 more month I don’t have to go back to work=)

  3. Oh and NO ONE doubles in SD or accepts more than 2 coupons for an item, so its hard to get that crazy (thank goodness)

  4. Extreme couponing is just another version of Hoarders, right? Sheesh those people have enough food for an army!!! They should donate to a food bank or something. We follow the sales (and by WE I mean husband) but don’t really use too many coupons at the grocery story.

    • LOL, total hoarders! They all said they did donate, but they still had full garages of crap! One gal had all sorts of freeze dried and powdered food, including beef chunks. Gross! Even she admitted she would only eat it if she were dying of starvation….so why get the freaking coupon for it in the first place!?!

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