WIAW iPhone edition

Have you ever watched extreme couponing? I’ve got it on in the background (first time semi-watching), and wow, these people are kinda crazy. I mean I am all for a good deal, but 57 bottles of (high fructose corn sugar added) bbq sauce? 100 packets of top ramen? No thanks. I was, however, pretty impressed with the free toilet paper and diapers. As well as the double coupons (but I don’t think any of my local grocery stores actually do that).

But I digress, back to regularly scheduled W’s.

W#1: Weigh-in

I’ve been majorly slacking this week. I only ran 7 miles on Saturday, and I was supposed to run 10. Woops. I got up late, hit the road late, and needed to turn back early. I also hit a major wall at mile 5. No bueno. I did a little HIIT action on the elliptical this morning. It wasn’t awesome, but it was something. I’m hoping to hit the pavement for a 5 miler before work tomorrow, but I can make no guarantees. Those 7:45 a.m. Thursdays don’t help my half-marathon running plan much.


I forgot my camera today. So you get a few craptastic iPhone photos. Meh.

Pre-gym snack-a-roo: 2 dates.

Breakfast: Peppermint tea and pumpkin pie oats (1/3 cup quick oats, 1 TBS chia seeds, 2 TBS canned pumpkin, 2 TBS raisins, 1/2 tsp cinnamon)

Lunch: an orange that was a major B to peal, resulting in an orange massacre

& whole wheat penne, grilled chicken, tomato & herbtastic sauce.

(last night’s photo is much prettier, so you get that instead)

Afternoon snacks: bell pepper + grape tomatoes

and my favorite non-Greek yogurt: Cascade Fresh Lemon Chiffon. So delicious! And it’s local (Seattle) with a clean ingredient list.

A nanner was pictured, but was never consumed.

Upon returning home I whipped up a batch of quinoa/chicken/veggie salad, (recipe to come). I am anxiously waiting for the quinoa to chill so I can eat!

I’m also going to be eating a little bit of this fabulous three cheese semolina bread Costco was sampling a few weeks ago. I love La Brea bread so much. We purchased their cookbook a while back, but the process is insanely difficult, so we’ve yet to make a loaf 😦

Later tonight I know I’ll be nibbling on some raw (vegan) cookie dough balls, (recipe tomorrow!). I cannot wait to dig into these!


Do you shop with coupons? Are you an extreme couponer? Do you watch Extreme Couponing?

I rarely use coupons. I only ever clip them for products I already purchase. I also often get coupons with my receipt for things I buy often (Greek yogurt, milk, butter, etc.), and I shop with sales in mind (after I meal plan according to the sales).