Herbtastic pasta

I love summer. It is, hands down,* my favorite season.

*what a silly expression. Where did this come from? I guess when things are difficult I throw my hands up with frustration, so maybe when they are down my mood is the opposite?

And although summer isn’t officially upon us, my house isn’t agreeing with the calendar. We’ve had quite a bit of nasty humid air + thunderstorms lately, and my house is a stuffy box by the time I get home from work. Thus, the hubs is breaking out the BBQ tongs more often, and I am coming up with no-cook, or relatively no-cook meals.

Half of this recipe is no-cook. The other half, unfortunately, requires you to turn on your stove. But if you time this half perfectly, then you can throw open the windows and let the hot air meander outside while you go on about your day.

In the hotter months I like to cook up a batch of plain pasta and keep it, (with a little olive oil so it doesn’t get sticky) in a tupperwear in the fridge. Then I divvy it up for cold pasta salad whenever I feel the urge throughout the week. This sauce is perfect for a cold pasta, but it is equally enjoyable on a hot bed of whole wheat goodness.

Herbtastic Pasta Sauce

Serves 6

Nutritionals: Cal: 92, Carb: 1g, Fat: 8g, Pro: 3g, Sugar: 1g


1/2 bunch cilantro

1/4 bunch parsley

(or 5-6 ginormous Italian Giant Leaf Parsley leaves)

3 green onions

3-4 garlic cloves

2 handfuls spinach (1 1/2ish cups)


3 TBS lemon juice

1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt (I used Fage non-fat)

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp cumin


Throw cilantro, parsley, garlic cloves, green onions and spinach and olive oil into your food processor.

Pulse until a paste is formed, (you may need to use a rubber spatula to push down the herby goodness a few times). Add remaining ingredients and whirl away until everything is incorporated and smooth.

Top over your favorite pasta, or use as a summer dip.

Tonight we used whole wheat penne pasta as our base and topped it with some leftover grilled chicken and tomatoes. Holy yum!

Seconds, please.