June gloom slacker.

In San Diego June is known as “June Gloom.” A month of drab weather caused by a marine layer of some sort. Wikipedia does a much better job of explaining it, so I’m not going to bother. But Spokane is certainly giving San Diego a run for its money. We’ve had three times the normal amount of rainfall over the past three months, and it is really getting old. I don’t know if my peonies will ever bloom. I would really like my dining room table to look like this:


But I just don’t think it is a possibility in the near future. Humph.

My outdoor runs are non-existant too. And I really, really hope that my 8 miler this weekend can be outdoors, rather than on the dreadmill.

Another thing I’ve been majorly slacking on are the Fashion Friday posts. Aside from Lindsay’s guest post a few weeks back, I haven’t really kept up on this feature. I could give you a litany of excuses, but I’m sure you don’t really care why I haven’t snapped my daily outfit photos. I did nab a few over the course of May, however.

I’m more concerned with building my running wardrobe lately. I purchased a few  socks…

and am currently eying some running capris and tanks.

and possibly some new running shoes…

The one positive is that it is day 3 of the no-candy challenge, and I am rocking it! Not enjoying it, per se, but I haven’t had any candy 🙂

What is your favorite attire to run/exercise in?

I’ve discovered I cannot run in shorts. I can use the elliptical, but runs are a no-go. Thank you womanly thighs. But I think the Brooks shorts above might solve my problem. I also am a tank top girl. I hate having shirt lines too close to my neck, I feel like I am choking.


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