June 1-30: No Candy Challenge

Yesterday was National Running Day. Did you celebrate? I intended to, but I slept terribly and didn’t wake up in time to run before work. I had my hair appointment after work (I’m now blond!), and thought I might get a short run in afterward. No such luck. When I walked outside it was pouring like crazy and there was lightning flashing across the sky.

No thanks.

Today I have to be at work by 7 to get some necessary items checked off my to-do list before my 7:45 meeting, so running will be pushed to the afternoon yet again. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. It is JUNE after all. Fourty-five degree weather needs to go away.

Speaking of June, it is time for my annual no-candy month long challenge. Sometimes I do this challenge bi-annually, sometimes for Lent, and others when I need a detox after the intense deliciousness of the holidays.

Twenty-eleven calls for the month of June, for two reasons: 1) I’ve eaten far, far, far too many skittles lately…

Beginning of the night…
and the next morning. I did have a LOT of help with this…but still.

and 2) I really notice the difference in my sleep and morning runs/workouts when I’ve eaten candy the night before.

So I’m challenging you to join me! Strength in numbers, right? I know this is going up on June 2, so you can discard yesterdays candy consumption, (and possibly today’s if you’ve already eaten some-no judgment). The rules are simple

  • No candy between now and June 30

Ok, that is only one rule. I think you can handle it. Baked goods are okay, unless you add M&M’s to your cookies.


I guess I should post the blond update 🙂

side-view (one shows color better, one shows cut better, so you get both)


So, are you with me? Check in here, or via twitter 🙂

p.s. anyone want to teach me how to make a button? I’d love to make a no-candy challenge one…