Yoga feet

Today I have Three (3) W’s for you. Watch out, I’m a triple threat.


W #1: Weigh In Wednesday

Yoga and I do not get along. I’m sure I am doing it wrong. The first time I attempted yoga I brewed a pot of coffee, (after hearing how relaxing it was), popped in the DVD, and got to work. A mere five minutes in and I was sweating away, pushing pause, and cursing myself for attempting to drink coffee while working out.

The second time happened not too long ago. I had a brand spankin’ new (and very cute) yoga mat rolling around the back of my car for months and needed an excuse to get my butt in gear. I found a 40 minute free class on On Demand and got to work. It was tollerable, but not enjoyable. I haven’t done it since.

I know yoga will help my running stamina and will help prevent injury, (I am prone to shin splints, rolling ankles and pulling muscles). The videos aren’t working, and I know I need someone to physically show me how to do the moves properly. And even though Groupon and Living Social keep spitting up yoga studio deals left and right, I just can’t bring myself to bite the bullet and sign up for a class.

Maybe in the summer I’ll explore the yoga offerings at the Y, (none of their classes work with my current schedule). Until then, I’ve got (brand spankin’ new) flip flops made from yoga mats.

Thanks, Ali, for introducing me to these fancy feet enhancers.

In related news, I went shopping in my closet again. After a lot of trying on, sorting clothes, banning sweaters to basement containers and washing loads of laundry, I am happy to report quite a few things from years past fit.

Now that the weather is improving, these beauties may need to come out and play.

Also exciting, these cute slouchy pin stripe (size six!) pants *almost* fit. They zip and button, and don’t look half bad. But sitting and breathing are still an issue. I purchased these slacks back in 2007, and they didn’t really fit me then either. But they were on clearance, and I am a sucker for a sale. I figured one day they would fit. It appears that one day is right around the corner.

Maybe they *almost* fit because on Sunday I pulled on my big girl panties after Saturday’s whine fest, (not to be confused with a wine fest, which would have been a lot more fun), and hit the pavement for 10.11 miles.

*Not true. My legs were swollen sausages Sunday evening.

And I ran through Riverside State Park, passing the Bowl and Pitcher along the way. I can’t believe I live less than 3 miles from this gorgeousness.

Oh my God. I ran ten freaking miles. Me. Inhaler girl. Shin splint extraordinaire.  I ran wobbled downstairs a few hours after my run to gloat brag tell the hubs how proud I was of myself. Only five and a half weeks and I can proudly call myself a half-marathoner!

W #2: What I ate Wednesday (WIAW)

Below is really what I intend to eat today. Last night I was simultaneously cooking dinner and packing my lunch. Why not take nice photographs (well nicer than quick working snapshots) while I already am snapping away at my newish recipe creation?

Breakfast (too ugly to photograph) will be oatmeal made with 2%, cinnamon and dried cherries, (pre-made on Monday, I was out of Almond milk – waahhh – situation remedied tonight). Since it is so ugly, I’m sharing oats made this weekend instead (with cinnamon, vanilla, half a nanner, blueberries and pecans).

Snacks will include watermelon, fage plain Greek yogurt + thawed (unsweetened/frozen) pineapple, and some tomatoes + yellow bell pepper.

Lunch will be an orange with some leftover curry chicken salad from our backyard BBQ potluck this weekend.

Dinner will be leftover taco pie. Mmmm cheese.

And it is very likely that Skittles will be consumed at some point.

W #3: What will I do with my hair?

If you’ve been reading a while you may recall I am somewhat obsessed with my hair. But I’ve been attempting to grow it out, and have subsequently avoided just a trim appointments over the past few months. The reason being, just a trim can easily turn into me chopping all my hair off. So I have a few ideas in my mind, but I’m not sure what I will do when I arrive for my appointment later this afternoon. What do you think I will do with my hair?

Cut option

Cut optionyes this goes against growing it out…

Bang and color option

Color option


Do you practice yoga? If so, how often? DVD’s or in studio?

What is the most exciting thing you ate today?

What do you think I should do with my hair? I’m bored. Again. (always)