Minnesota Eats.

*Today’s Weigh-In Wednesday is being bumped for something way more entertaining. Check in tomorrow for some fitness fun.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed Miss Smart’s recaps for her version of Peas & Crayons What I ate Wednesday. What I ate Wednesday has been gaining momentum in the healthy living and foodie blog world for quite a while, and I am only now jumping on board!

As promised, I have a full foodie recap of my adventure to Minneapolis. So for my version of What I ate Wednesday, I am bringing you:

What I ate in (and en route to) Minnesota.

My flight left Spokane at 7:20 on Friday morning. I fully intended to pack a peanut butter banana sandwich. I also fully intended to make my own trail mix. I failed on both fronts. Instead I purchased a grande drip coffee (w/2 raw sugars & ff milk), a perfect oatmeal (with the nuts and dried fruit), and asked the kind barista to fill my contigo with filtered ice water. I also nabbed some free in-flight pretzels and biscoff (to be consumed during the work week).

In-flight reading material: The Hate List. This was very, very well done. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a teacher, counselor, work in a school setting or have children.

Upon arriving in the twin cities, Veronika picked Ali and me up, and we swung by Potbelly to grab a quick bite before V’s doctor’s appointment. I was thoroughly amused by the George picture in the bathroom.

My sandwich, (turkey, provolone, mustard, tomato, lettuce and onion on multigrain), was the perfect amount of fuel to get me through the afternoon.

Friday evening, Stefan and Veronika made us dinner: red wine pasta. Yum! They cooked the pasta for 7 minutes in water, and then added half a bottle of red wine. The alcohol cooked off, but the flavor remained and the pasta took on the reddish hue.

After dinner, and a quick stop at Trader Joe’s, we hit Chilly Billy, a serve-yourself frozen yogurt bar (which serves up YoCream frozen yogurt – same stuff we have in Spokane – yum!). I didn’t pay attention much to the size of the bowl, and wound up serving myself way too much.

(Cake Batter & Red Velvet Cake frozen yogurt w/peanut butter m&m’s, reeses & oreos).

Good thing I had lactaid with me…

I hope Stefan or Veronika enjoyed my leftovers.

Saturday morning we hit up  a cute coffee shop for some amazing cinnamon rolls. We didn’t eat the regular cinnamon rolls, however. Instead, we all opted to have puppy dog tails, which are cute little rolls of dough topped with cream cheese frosting.

Mmmmmm. I had a rather goofy grin on my face throughout my entire breakfast.

Later that afternoon, the ladies and I watched Something Borrowed (so cute!) at the fanciest movie theater I’ve ever been too. When you purchase your ticket you buy an assigned seat, (which is really nice if you show up late), and you can purchase real food. We quickly browsed the menu, and we all decided on the same thing: organic free-range chicken breast panini with tomatoes and basil. The panini came with house-made potato chips.

I wasn’t expecting much, but this meal blew me away. The chicken was seasoned perfectly and wasn’t overdone. The chips were crispy and delicious. And the price? $10! Pretty much the same as a bucket of popcorn these days…

Later that evening we decided to forgo the original grilling dinner plan, due to the poor weather, and instead opted for Nepalese food at Namaste.

So. Good.

I was so full, but I kept forging forward with my meal because I couldn’t bare to let any of it go uneaten.

Stefan and Ali, however, may have regretted their consumption of habanero chutney.

Ali may have cried.

Stefan may, or may not, have gotten a nosebleed.

Everyone left happy.

But the night wasn’t over. We had ice cream to consume.

And after tasting nearly every flavor in the case, I settled on cookie dough. And then I crashed.

My final morning started off with a quick plain Greek yogurt and vanilla/gingersnap granola bowl.

After an interesting trip to Best Buy, the gang and I wound up at Moto-i for brunch. Upon entering Moto-i I was greeted by an awesome employee drawn chalk mural. I knew I would have a good experience.

Moto-i   is a sake brewery and serves $1 house-made Sake Bloody Mary’s and Sake mimosas. They also have quite the fun brunch menu.

While everyone else chose the chicken and red onion egg and rice dish, I selected the Stryker’s benedict.

Holy Jeebus.

This version of eggs benedict was right up there with my all time favorite chipotle hollandaise sauce roma and avocado benedict at Peso’s Kitchen in Seattle.

I left Moto-i a very happy camper.

Prior to leaving on a jet plane I enjoyed an afternoon snack of roasted garlic hummus, horseradish hummus (which I will soon be recreating) and baby carrots.

Prior to sticking the goods in baggies, of course.

So there you have it, my Minnesota foodie adventure. I love that Veronika planned our weekend around all of her favorite foodie places. Thanks V for making me realize Minnesota is kind of cool. 🙂