Safe and sound on the Left Coast.

A full Minneapolis foodie re-cap will be coming, but until then, I shall leave you with a very brief scene:

Ali buys me a well-known favorite treat at Trader Joe’s: Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels. I get very excited about the fact that Trader Joe’s has a location near Veronika and Stefan. Veronika promises to take me to Trader Joe’s.

Ali and I enjoy a bottle of Cab, pregnant Veronika cannot partake. I ask if we can go to Trader Joe’s before getting frozen yogurt…

Two containers of hummus are purchased.

Two containers weighing 8 ounces each, 5 ounces above the legal carry-on liquid limit.

Ali and I get creative.

Hummus makes its way past security, and is happily consumed by me.