Fashion Friday: Guest Post from Lindsay Living!

Hi ya’ll. I’m currently en route to Minneapolis for a girls weekend with two of my besties from college. For this week’s Fashion Friday edition I have a real fashion blogger bringing you a guest post! Lindsay, of Lindsay Living, and I met last year during our Masters program. Lindsay effortlessly pulls together fun, fashionable looks and has a few tips for you below. Enjoy!


Hello!  My name is Lindsay and I write a little style blog over at Lindsay Living.  Leila asked me to swing by S&S and say hello while she’s out having fun in Minneapolis. I have always wanted to go there because one of my all time favorite style idols (and life idol really, I mean come on…) lives there.  

Well, she may not actually live there, but to me Minneapolis will always be the home of Mary Tyler Moore.  Mary was always the epitome of confident classy style and she never seemed worried about it.  Somehow it came effortlessly.  Aw, the splendid world of television.  Real life isn’t always so easy.

There are so many things you can do to feel better about yourself, but one of the quickest and most foolproof is dressing to look (and therefore feel) your best.  It’s so overstated that women have trouble putting themselves first or putting their own health, happiness and general well-being on their own to do lists.  I fall victim to it, too, and one way that I remedy that is by making personal style a priority in my life.

Fashion can feel daunting because there’s a monetary investment attached and often people doubt their own intuition in putting things together.  I know I do. There are a few methods to the madness of my closet, so here are some of my tips for making your wardrobe a little more thrilling and a little less dull.

  1. Invest in accessories like a great handbag, belts, and other accessories.  I wear mine to death and my accessories totally change a look.  When I say invest, I don’t mean go out and spend a fortune.  I mean look for shapes, colors and patterns that you love and will be happy to pull out again and again.  One of my favorite belts is from H&M, but is sturdy and a happy yellow that I love putting on over any dress.
  1. Mix it up.  A t-shirt isn’t the only thing that goes with your cargo pants.  I pair mine with a silk blouse and metallic flats.  Split your blazer away from your suit pants and throw it on over a dress or with some skinny jeans.  Since I made the commitment to watch my clothing budget, I have taught myself to remix.  Remixing is essentially shopping your own closet to create new looks.  I try to find at least three distinctly different ways to wear an item before buying it now to ensure it will go the distance and be worth my dollar.
  1. Find the shapes that work for you.  Fashion is all about fit.  Wherever you are at in your acceptance of your own body it’s important to have an understanding of the overall shape of your figure.  Fighting with your curves won’t get you anywhere.  The best thing to do is try on everything you own and separate out what you love from what you simply put up with.  From there, see if you can identify what makes your favorites the best on you.  Do you favor more fitted pencil skirts?  Do you have a closet full v-neck blouses and sweaters?  In no way should everything in your closet be the same, but there are some guiding principles in what is going to be universally flattering to your body.  Weed out the extras and word toward the perfect working closet, full of things that fit and flatter.

For me, feeling great is synonymous with looking my best. Thanks to Leila for having me over!  For more style tips and daily outfit photos please visit me at my blog,

Do you have any body confidence style tips?