Weigh in Wednesday 12: Capri me.

My computer is being very fickle. At first I thought I was experiencing wordpress connectivity issues, but now I am realizing I have a full-blown computer slow-down situation. I’m getting ready to head out of town for a girl’s weekend with these ladies,

and am leaving my computer behind in the very capable hands of The Hubs. I expect her to be running at full capacity by the time I return (hint, hint, Hubs).

So until this issue is resolved my posts will be on the short and sweet side. Ha, like I can ever tell a story in a concise fashion. I believe this is a hereditary issue, so I’m okay with it.
This week’s weigh-in Wednesday is brought to you by The Gap. More specifically, The Gap in 2006. I purchased a pair of black capri’s on clearance during the summer of ’06, and haven’t been able to fit into them since since the summer of ’08. I tucked them away in a large blue rubbermaid bin, and waited until I could fit into them again.

Upon discovering my work week would be filled with sunshine and high* temps, I dusted off my trusty blue bin and explored the contents on Monday evening. I was pleased to discover that not only did the black capris fit, so did multiple pairs of shorts I thought I may never wear again.
Hallelujah. I don’t exactly have any extra disposable income lying around right now, so I felt like I was shopping in my own (somewhat stylish) closet.

Today I wore my favorite black capris and received many complements. State testing, however, prevented me from nabbing my regular lunch buddy to snap a photo. And now they are covered in dog fur, as Rilo loves to squeeze through my leg and the wall, even though she can’t really fit.

In related news, I’m attacking my half-marathon training plan, and am making some great progress! I ran Bloomsday (12K) with an 11 minute/mile pace. This Sunday I ran 8.11 miles in 1:35. Yesterday I ran 4.69 miles in 54 minutes. So I am hovering between 11 and 12 minute miles. My goal is to get to 10 minute miles, and then I will reassess. I’m open to any suggestions for improving my speed.

What are you proud of this week?