It’s kind of a long story.

Do you ever start a response to, “how are you doing?” with a mustered up smile and a faux-enthusiasm “great,” only to think, not even close?

That is kinda how I feel, but it’s kind of a long story.

So instead of boring you with the not-so-fun details of my life, I will instead push through, carry on, and share with you some ueber-fabulous details instead.

(In bulleted order, no less. As that is how I roll. I’m an organized person, and bullets make me happy)
  • I finished Bloomsday (12K) in 1:22:27. I guessed I would finish in 1:38ish (12 minute miles). But I shaved 1 minute off my normal pace, and finished the race with an average speed of 11 minutes/mile. Go me! Also fun, I:
    • Placed 13,049 out of 50,611 total participants
    • Placed 161st out of 575 among 27-year-old females
    • Placed 14th among 31 people with the same last name

Not too shabby for someone who only now considers herself a runner ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The momentum of the race propelled me to sign up to run my first ever half marathon!! My friend, Reese, and I signed up to run the Fueled by Fine Wine 1/2 Marathon in Dundee, OR (outside of Portland) on July 10th. My 28th birthday is on the 5th, and hers is on the 21st. So we are celebrating in style by running 13.1 miles. This might not be your idea of an ideal birthday present, but I cannot wait! As mentioned before, I never got to celebrate my birthday with classmates due to my summer birthday, so I’ve made up for the lack of school celebrations* in my adult life by doing extravagant things. Last year was Paris, this year is a half marathon. What will next year bring?

The coolest thing about this race is that you get to run through the vinyards of the Willamette Valley. There are a lot of hills, which I will have to train for, but at the end there is an after party with all of the wine makers at one of the vinyards. Talk about motivation to run a half marathon! The scenery is going to be breathtaking, and I can’t wait to taste the wine!

*this year I am teaching summer school, which starts on July 5th. Would it be wrong to throw myself a party with my students on the first day of school?
  • The chicks are now out in their (hubs built/reclaimed wood/ not quite [but almost!] finished) coop! Sunday was their first evening outside, and they were so excited! They have a chicken run, and the ability to go “upstairs” to chillax in front of the heat lamp and lay eggs. The coop also has a double agent identity as an herb garden. Once the weather gets a tad nicer (aka no more snow, ahem, it is MAY Spokane!), the hubs will transplant our indoor herb garden outside.
Please ignore our mess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I have chocolate. Dark chocolate truffles filled with caramel and topped with sea salt to be exact. Good chocolate makes life much more bearable.

What good things are happening in your life right now?

12 thoughts on “It’s kind of a long story.

  1. Congratulations! I just signed up for my first 1/2 marathon (Seattle Rock and Roll) and have been training hard for the past few weeks. I have to admit, I feel better having a project to work on and also feel more energized.


  2. Now I’ve found you and your lovely blog…can’t wait to read more! I love the pics of your chicks…my cousin has a huge chicken coop and her kiddos are quite attached to their chickens ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That sounds like my kind of half marathon!! Congrats!

    Sunshine is making me happy, coffee is making me happy, and not having to go to work this week is (finally) making me happy.

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  5. I still can’t get over the chickens, Leila! I once nannied/housesat for some people who had chickens in their Magnolia backyard and it was such a trip! I’m picturing you sitting out there reading them a bedtime story every night! Any eggs yet?

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