What do you do, ooo, ooo

with a Costco Chicken*.

*get it? Klondike theme. Anyone, anyone?

Tonight I found myself wandering the aisles of Costco, yet again. Yes bloggettes, that would be 3 Costco trips in 11 days. In my defense, we have a very small fridge, (only 20 cubic feet), and it fills up rather quickly. So I go when we run out of items completely, rather than when said items are getting close to running out.

Unlike the previous two trips, however, this time I was able to purchase one of my favorite items: Costco rotisserie chicken.

Yes, please.

We used to hit Costco on Monday evenings with great frequency. But instead of a healthy rotisserie chicken for a quick weeknight meal, we would grab a large pepperoni pizza. Only to return to home and dip it in Gregg’s ranch dressing.


My how times have changed. Their pizza is still pretty bombdiggity, but I feel much better eating a little chicken topped salad. So this week’s foodie goal is to see how far I can stretch this bad boy throughout the work week.

My favorite rotisserie chicken leftover dishes include: chicken noodle soup, creamy chicken and rice soup, burlattas, and caesar salad.

I made my meal plan prior to the Costco trip, so this is subject to change….but here is what I have for Menu Plan Monday:

Monday: chicken caesar salad w/whole grain bread

Tuesday: chicken/steak wraps (on the best tortillas EVER)

Wednesday: chicken & wild rice soup (already made – yay for freezer meals!) + salad

Thursday: date night at either Mizuna or Wild Sage

Friday: Insane in the Membrane [turkey] burgers + sweet potato fries (still looking for a no-fail recipe for these…)

Saturday: Carbo-loading for Bloomsday! Roasted red pepper raviolis with butternut squash sauce & salad

Sunday: Crock pot chicken & brown rice & salad

What is your favorite thing to do with leftover rotisserie chicken?

4 thoughts on “What do you do, ooo, ooo

  1. We do the Costco rotisserie chicken, and the big salsa with the small bean dip attached (also at Costco around the corner from all the prepared meals sort of by the milk cooler). Then a little cheddar cheese. Wrap it all up in a De Leon tortilla and then discuss what fabulous chefs we are. 😉

    • Sounds fabulous! This is sad to admit, but I’ve never had a De Leon tortilla! The hubs works across the street from their (now closed) downtown location and used to eat there all the time. I’ve been meaning to get my bum into their shop since I found out about them last summer.

  2. 3 trips in 11 days? I’m SO jealous
    I’m limited to once a month so i TOTALLY stock up when i get there! It has something to do with my ability to spend A LOT of money and discover an urgent need to buy kayaks and bags of jelly beans that weigh more then i do!
    I’ve honestly never tried their rotisserie chicken but i like your idea of stretching it over a weeks worth of meals, maybe i can use it as an excuse to go again this week even though we were there on the weekend 🙂

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