Hoppin’ down the bunny trail

Happy Easter!

This weekend the sun finally decided to come out and play – yay! I didn’t realize how desperate I was for some Vitamin-D until I was soaking it up. After all the snow last week I was doubtful the weather report would be accurate, but it was!

And just in time for my long run on Saturday. I busted out the shorts and my new water bottle and hit the pavement.

I am still slow, (average pace: 12 min/mile), but I am really starting to build up my endurance. I was very happy to discover my water bottle pocket held a chapstick, some magic beans (aka sport jelly beans) and my inhaler.

I find I need my inhaler when I get overheated. And even though it was only 52 degrees, my body was a total furnace!

I took all of your advice and ate a much better pre-run breakfast: Dave’s Killer Bread w/Adam’s chunky peanut butter, creamy honey and a banana. All washed down with coffee, an hour before my run.

Post-run fuel included some pickle spears, bagel thin with cream cheese, and the BEST green monster to date: 2~ cups spinach, 1.5 cups frozen fruit (dole tropical blend), 1 scoop GNC vanilla whey protein, 1 cup vanilla almond milk and a splash of water.

It was like Orange Julius, but nutritious!

After some required reading in the sun for a few hours,

(I’m reading both of these for a book trailer movie making professional development course – have you read either?)

I took a much needed Epsom salt bath, and iced my calf. I can’t decide if I strained a muscle or if I am just sore, but when I woke up today it was still bugging me.

Thus I declared today a rest day. It is Easter afterall.

After not so graciously dicing some mangos for the freezer,

and quickly whipping up two batches of scones,

the hubs and I headed downtown to the Cathedral to attend mass with his family.

Afterward we soaked up more sun on The Elk patio.

FIL* Rob, the hubs & BIL* Josh

Niece Adelia

Niece Adelia, SIL #2* Alison, SIL #5* Theresa, me, SIL #4* Kim and   MIL Gayle

* FIL = Father-in-law, BIL = Brother-in-law, SIL (and number after) = Sister-in-law + birth order (the hubs has 5 sisters), & MIL = Mother-in-law

Ahhh, The Elk patio. Many fond memories have taken residence in my heart because of this patio. Many more to come.

Our food took quite a while to arrive. But it was worth the wait. I had meat! And not just any meat, my friends. I enjoyed a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives certified Reuben. And it was so delicious.

On the side I nibbled on some roasted corn pasta salad (recipe here).

I fully expected to have a major stomach ache after eating corned beef. But I am happy to report my stomach was very content. I intend to write a follow-up on going vegetarian for Lent (40 days) in the coming week.

I hope you had a relaxing Easter Sunday. I’m looking forward to resting my leg a little more and getting into Incareron.

And don’t forget, I am still looking for some guest posts for this coming weekend and May 13-15. I have a few lined up, but would love a few more!