Fashion Friday + call for guest posts!

Hi bloggettes, I hope your work week did not include as much crazy weather as mine did. Between the hail, snow and rain I wasn’t sure we would ever hit 60 degrees. My car said we did today, but the news said otherwise.

The awesome 30~ degree temps had me busting out the sweaters and scarves this week.



No full body shot, but I did manage to snap a pic of my fun scarf situation. I felt like this girl:

Ok, not quite. She obviously has mad skills.


I pretty much hated my outfit, (stuffed a shirt I haven’t worn in a while in the gym bag, not realizing it was two sizes too big…off to Goodwill it goes!), so all you get is the shoes. Cute though, eh?


While the week’s weather was annoying as can be, the sun did decide to make an appearance today. The hubs and I decided to hoof it over to The Goat for a little patio action.

The fire pit made it feel like the sun was actually giving off some warmth 😉

While soaking up some Vitamin-D, we enjoyed a Riverside Focaccia (tomatoes, roasted garlic, basil, and olive oil on focaccia bread, mmmm)

Afterward, we were still a tad hungry and in need of milk for tomorrow morning. We swung by the house to pick up Libb, and walked a few more blocks to Safeway. Inside I spotted this awesomeness.

Clearly it needed a home in my belly.

I’m off to bed early tonight so I can rise and shine for my 6.5 mile run tomorrow. I am very excited to try out my new water bottle!

Speaking of my run, it is the last long one before I run Bloomsday next weekend-Eek! Since my friend, Reese, will be in town, I would prefer to take advantage of some girl time and a break away from the computer. I also am going out of town May 13-15 and don’t know how much time I will have to devote to blogging. So I would love to line up some guest posts for the weekend of April 29-May 1 and May 13-15. It can be whatever floats your boat: fashion Friday, fun recipe, exercise tips, Will & Kate Wedding recap, whatever!

Interested? Shoot me an email at spinachandskittles @ gmail dot com.